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Microsoft buying Zenimax was the best possible outcome

Sure, some people still stuck in the console warrior days will gnash their teeth, but lets face facts here: Outside of DOOM, Bethesda has been in a downward spiral. I can’t really blame the development teams, because it’s painfully obvious the problem has been management. Time, budgetary constraints, and trend chasing from upper management has been choking the life out of iconic franchises like Fallout, Wolfenstein, and running Skyrim into the dirt. Is this really the leadership anyone wants making the big decisions on The Elder Scrolls VI? Continue reading Microsoft buying Zenimax was the best possible outcome

Devil May Cry 5 highlights the tragedy of “Donte”

DMC returned in spectacular style with the Devil May Cry 5 reveal at E3 2018. While a few were cautious at first glance, thanks to a new visual style and Nero design that could have easily been mistaken for DmC2, the return of the series’ original characters and story line lit a fire beneath the fandom. Of course, Nero’s new presentation and the darker tone of the game’s world has called into question fan’s hatred of DmC: Devil may Cry’s Dante, or “Donte” is he’s often referred to by DMC purists. Continue reading Devil May Cry 5 highlights the tragedy of “Donte”

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch: Right game, right platform, right time

As time goes on, it seems the leak revealing Fortnite for Nintendo Switch is all but confirmed. We’ll know for certain in roughly 10 days when Nintendo gives its E3 2018 Direct, but until then, can we talk about how big of a win Fortnite on Switch would be for fans and Nintendo? Continue reading Fortnite on Nintendo Switch: Right game, right platform, right time

Blasphemy: I enjoy Breath of the Wild more because it lacks dungeons

In the lead up to the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I went back and played all of the 3D Zelda titles I hadn’t actually completed: Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Though I wasn’t a fan of how the games became slower to start with each successive iteration’s expansion of boring tutorials, I enjoyed them all very much. I’d say Majora’s Mask was the best, followed by Skyward Sword, and then Twilight Princess (If that order triggers you, hold onto your butts, because this isn’t the most controversial claim I’m going to make). Continue reading Blasphemy: I enjoy Breath of the Wild more because it lacks dungeons

How casual gamers are indirectly and objectively ruining gaming for gamers

Before we start, let’s get one thing straight: Don’t blame Casual Gamers for wanting to have fun. You don’t blame an invasive species for flourishing, and consequently ruining an ecosystem, you blame the vector by which it invaded. In this case, the vector is super publishers throwing Gamers under the bus to chase the casual dollar.

“Casual Gamers are not real Gamers!” is something you’re likely to hear around the internet. Some brush it off as elitism, others trolling, and more still fully believe it. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s true: Casual Gamers and Gamers are different species entirely, similar to how Red Pandas are not related to Giant Pandas. There are two primary, irreconcilable difference that separate Casual Gamers and Gamers: Continue reading How casual gamers are indirectly and objectively ruining gaming for gamers

The Fall of NeoGAF: Hopefully gaming is the microcosm

With the fall of NeoGAF, one can only hope that gamer culture really is a microcosm of the world’s politics, as game journalists would have us believe. Surely I can’t be the only one that remembers how they constantly told us gamers were dead, while simultaneously colluding with Russia to alter the 2016 US presidential election, and being the prototype for the recruitment of the Alt-Right’s online Nazi reserves? I know you remember, because it’s still going on today.

However, weathering those malicious assaults is something gamers do best. We forge ourselves in the pixelated flames of war, training relentlessly to do only one thing: Win. Judging by how popular gaming has become, and how those who constantly insult and suppress gamers find themselves wrapped in controversy due to their long buried skeletons rising from the depths, I’d say we’re pretty f*%king good at winning. Continue reading The Fall of NeoGAF: Hopefully gaming is the microcosm

And NeoGAF Burned: Tyler Malka’s hypocritical stance on his own sexual misconduct

The online gaming forum NeoGAF has long been a major player in the gaming media. Many sites rip their claims and sources right from its posts, and industry insiders have often frequented its pages. However, there has always been a darker side to the board: More than a strong political bias, NeoGAF’s existence has been underscored by its hypocrisy when it comes to sexual harassment against women from it’s own staff.

NeoGAF’s owner Tyler Malka, also known as EviLore, has had multiple allegations of sexual misconduct leveled at him. In 2006 he helped spread allegedly private nude images of a forum member’s girlfriend.

NeoGAF EviLore Tyler Malka Nude Sharing


In 2012 he bragged in a “Trumpian” manner about grabbing a woman’s ass hard without her consent, leaving her so disgusted she just left and didn’t even take her drink.

NeoGAF EviLore Tyler Malka


Just a few days ago, a woman claimed he invaded her shower without an invitation while she was ill and intoxicated.

NeoGAF Evilore Tyler Malka Shower Invasion


Disgusting stuff all around.

Now given NeoGAF’s propensity for jumping all over people in these cases, even before a statement has been offered by the accused, and enjoying the 50+ page threads that inevitably devolve into turd-flinging messes, one would assume these claims, like many others, would have their own unified thread in which to calmly discuss accusations against the site’s own-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Threads were being locked and deleted as fast as possible. The site has gone into full damage control mode, and users are being banned for even mentioning the topic. The site keeps running slowly or going down completely, which helps slow the tide of new posts on the matter. That’s very convenient, as at least seven of the site’s moderators/admins have already stepped down amid swirling rumors that EviLore was trying to explain himself to them by accusing his accuser of being a wounded former lover caught in a love triangle. Smooth move, ladykiller! (Dear gods I hope that’s not a literal epithet by the end of this latest drama.)

This is coming not too long after former moderator Amir0x, a member that infamously used money raised for his mother’s medical bills on narcotics, was arrested for child pornography. Again, the rumor mill swirled with claims that the rest of the mods knew about and covered his “proclivities,” but there’s currently no firm proof on the matter, even if his ties to EviLore’s past sexual deviance don’t paint the whole situation in a positive light.

I’m all for waiting for more facts to come out before we say EviLore did pull a Harvey Weinstein, but the disparity in the handling of this situation in comparison to say, Nick Robinson’s #MeToo moment, highlights the hypocrisy that saturates the entirety of NeoGAF. It looks like an admission of guilt in the scummiest way imaginable, and it created a far greater backlash than a centralized thread and well crafted statement would have led to in the NeoGAF bubble.

And that’s how Tyler Malka’s hypocrisy has led to NeoGAF burning

Note: In the interest of fairness and integrity, I will update this article if and when Malka posts his statement.

The Wolfenstein 2 drama shows what’s wrong in America and the media

On the surface, the sight of “Make America Nazi-Free Again” offending some Americans should be a combination of frightening and disgusting. However, anyone with a passing knowledge of current events in America, and the integrity to dig past a thin fairy dusting of BS, can see why many, non-Nazi Americans would take great offense to the game’s slogan. Continue reading The Wolfenstein 2 drama shows what’s wrong in America and the media

Nintendo is killing it with their Switch Era characters

Nintendo has been killing it with their new characters and designs since the start of the Nintendo Switch Era. Their designs have always been consistently good, but in the past four months they’ve introduced no less than 15 characters that have gone over extremely well, with Minmin, Twintelle, and now Marina going viral. Of their long list of great new characters/designs, only Link and Zelda were characters that existed before the Nintendo Switch’s release. Continue reading Nintendo is killing it with their Switch Era characters

Review: FFXV Episode Prompto has great music

Episode Prompto is the second FFXV DLC scenario, focusing on the titular bro. It comes after Episode Gladiolus and continues the trend of including gameplay that’s entirely different from the main scenario. How does it work out? Let’s break it down with as little spoilers as possible. Continue reading Review: FFXV Episode Prompto has great music