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This category is for occasional inflammatory articles that tackle more negative issues in the gaming community. These articles are usually written in an abrasive manner, and please keep in mind that the opinions of one writer do not reflect the opinions of all CSG members. Remember: You don’t have to agree with a person’s tone or language for their points to be valid. Facts do not care how you feel about those presenting them.

Nintendo rejecting profit margin report highlights reporting failures

Nintendo just recently came out and debunked an inaccurate article from Bloomberg about their profit margins on the new Nintendo Switch OLED. This comes on the heels of many news sites drumming up rabid fervor for the imminent announcement of the new, high powered “Switch Pro,” a piece of hardware that has not been announced by Nintendo. A piece of hardware for which no official evidence actually exists.

Understandably, gamers that listened to these articles promising the new model Switch would have 4K resolution, DLSS, and the power of a PlayStation 7 in portable form were somewhat disappointed by the slight upgrade that is the Nintendo Switch OLED. Some gamers, the kind we call idiots, took it out on Nintendo, a company that never announced or hinted at a Switch Pro and simply went with the same mid generation refresh they’ve done for every single one of the handhelds. Smart gamers, however, have turned on the “journalists” and rumor mongers that spiraled this situation out of control with their constant games of telephone and one-upsmanship.

Let’s take a step back, and look at this situation, and we’ll give you some insider knowledge from our years of experience in games journalism.

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The Fall of NeoGAF: Hopefully gaming is the microcosm

With the fall of NeoGAF, one can only hope that gamer culture really is a microcosm of the world’s politics, as game journalists would have us believe. Surely I can’t be the only one that remembers how they constantly told us gamers were dead, while simultaneously colluding with Russia to alter the 2016 US presidential election, and being the prototype for the recruitment of the Alt-Right’s online Nazi reserves? I know you remember, because it’s still going on today.

However, weathering those malicious assaults is something gamers do best. We forge ourselves in the pixelated flames of war, training relentlessly to do only one thing: Win. Judging by how popular gaming has become, and how those who constantly insult and suppress gamers find themselves wrapped in controversy due to their long buried skeletons rising from the depths, I’d say we’re pretty f*%king good at winning. Continue reading The Fall of NeoGAF: Hopefully gaming is the microcosm

And NeoGAF Burned: Tyler Malka’s hypocritical stance on his own sexual misconduct

The online gaming forum NeoGAF has long been a major player in the gaming media. Many sites rip their claims and sources right from its posts, and industry insiders have often frequented its pages. However, there has always been a darker side to the board: More than a strong political bias, NeoGAF’s existence has been underscored by its hypocrisy when it comes to sexual harassment against women from it’s own staff.

NeoGAF’s owner Tyler Malka, also known as EviLore, has had multiple allegations of sexual misconduct leveled at him. In 2006 he helped spread allegedly private nude images of a forum member’s girlfriend.

NeoGAF EviLore Tyler Malka Nude Sharing


In 2012 he bragged in a “Trumpian” manner about grabbing a woman’s ass hard without her consent, leaving her so disgusted she just left and didn’t even take her drink.

NeoGAF EviLore Tyler Malka


Just a few days ago, a woman claimed he invaded her shower without an invitation while she was ill and intoxicated.

NeoGAF Evilore Tyler Malka Shower Invasion


Disgusting stuff all around.

Now given NeoGAF’s propensity for jumping all over people in these cases, even before a statement has been offered by the accused, and enjoying the 50+ page threads that inevitably devolve into turd-flinging messes, one would assume these claims, like many others, would have their own unified thread in which to calmly discuss accusations against the site’s own-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Threads were being locked and deleted as fast as possible. The site has gone into full damage control mode, and users are being banned for even mentioning the topic. The site keeps running slowly or going down completely, which helps slow the tide of new posts on the matter. That’s very convenient, as at least seven of the site’s moderators/admins have already stepped down amid swirling rumors that EviLore was trying to explain himself to them by accusing his accuser of being a wounded former lover caught in a love triangle. Smooth move, ladykiller! (Dear gods I hope that’s not a literal epithet by the end of this latest drama.)

This is coming not too long after former moderator Amir0x, a member that infamously used money raised for his mother’s medical bills on narcotics, was arrested for child pornography. Again, the rumor mill swirled with claims that the rest of the mods knew about and covered his “proclivities,” but there’s currently no firm proof on the matter, even if his ties to EviLore’s past sexual deviance don’t paint the whole situation in a positive light.

I’m all for waiting for more facts to come out before we say EviLore did pull a Harvey Weinstein, but the disparity in the handling of this situation in comparison to say, Nick Robinson’s #MeToo moment, highlights the hypocrisy that saturates the entirety of NeoGAF. It looks like an admission of guilt in the scummiest way imaginable, and it created a far greater backlash than a centralized thread and well crafted statement would have led to in the NeoGAF bubble.

And that’s how Tyler Malka’s hypocrisy has led to NeoGAF burning

Note: In the interest of fairness and integrity, I will update this article if and when Malka posts his statement.

The Wolfenstein 2 drama shows what’s wrong in America and the media

On the surface, the sight of “Make America Nazi-Free Again” offending some Americans should be a combination of frightening and disgusting. However, anyone with a passing knowledge of current events in America, and the integrity to dig past a thin fairy dusting of BS, can see why many, non-Nazi Americans would take great offense to the game’s slogan. Continue reading The Wolfenstein 2 drama shows what’s wrong in America and the media

Get your gaming info from gamers, not journalists

Let’s be frank, Common Sense Gaming isn’t a great name. However, the idea behind the name is one I stick by to this very day: “If you want to know about video games, don’t ask a doctor, a farmer, or a journalist about them, turn to other gamers. It’s just common sense.” The name and mantra of this website is more than a convenient way to cast shade on the weakest generation of “video game journalists” the world has ever seen. When I reached out to people to help provide content for this site, I reached out to those who were gamers first and writers second, and it shows. Continue reading Get your gaming info from gamers, not journalists

It’s good that Nintendo doesn’t want to make political statements

I’ve tried very hard to remove politics from CSG, as I want to cover games. They’re the world’s greatest entertainment medium, and our favorite form of escapism from our less-than-perfect, or monotonous lives. Nintendo has the right of it: In a recent interview Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-aime said that “Making political statements are for other people to do. We want people to smile and have fun when they play our games.” Continue reading It’s good that Nintendo doesn’t want to make political statements

E3 2017 Impressions: Sony is now holding back the gaming industry

Every single time a console holder becomes the top dog, they also become disdainful of their fans. They lean on their past and current success, then try to maximize profits by utilizing unsustainable business practices, instead of pleasing gamers and third parties. This is why Nintendo had such a terrible reputation for decades. It’s why Sony’s expectation of PS3 dominance got BTFO by XB360 and Wii. It’s why the Wii U failed so miserably. It’s why the XBOX will possibly be Microsoft’s last console. It’s as inevitable as the tides: When a company becomes too successful, it stops playing by the rules of good sense and gets smacked down. Continue reading E3 2017 Impressions: Sony is now holding back the gaming industry

Can we have valid numbers for the female gamer demographic, please?

When it comes to representation in gaming, be it gender or race, we should always aim to be realistic in content and proportion. To do that, we need to know the actual composition of the gaming community, or a reasonable approximation of such. Unfortunately, while we can get reasonable ballpark estimates of racial demographics, we can never get a straight answer about the female gamer population, because people are too busy twisting the numbers to address the truth: Continue reading Can we have valid numbers for the female gamer demographic, please?

Gamers Rejoice Worldwide: Famously Bad Director Uwe Boll Retires

Uwe Boll, notorious german filmmaker and all around swell guy, has announced that he will be retiring from filmmaking this week.

Feel free to take a few moments to celebrate however you deem it appropriate before we continue.

For those not in the know, Uwe Boll is a german filmmaker who has a longstanding career of making some of the most critically panned movies in the history of Hollywood. Stretching back over 25 years in the industry Boll has been prolific (though not necesarily talented or even competent) in producing movies for world wide audiences. Boll is most infamously known for adapting video game titles such as Far Cry, Postal, House of the Dead, BloodRayne, In the Name of the King, and Alone in The Dark. All of which ended up as huge financial losses and horrible abominations of cinema that enraged gamers throughout the gaming community. Only made profitable due to Boll exploiting a loophole in german tax laws that placed a large part of the financial loss on the government. Loopholes which have since been fixed.

In an interview Boll said he was losing capital by having to finance movies himself. The losses proving to be too great. He explained that his films made in the last decade were all self-financed and that he only made his video game adaptations to raise the funds for his passion projects.

“I’ve been using my money since 2005 and if I hadn’t made the stupid video game based movies I would never have amalgamated the capital so I could say, ‘Let’s make the Darfur movie,'” Boll stated. “I don’t need a Ferrari, I don’t need a yacht. I invested in my own movies and I lost money.”

Boll’s video game movies have been nominated for a total of 16 Razzies throughout his career, with Alone in the Dark being especially notable for it’s panning by critics. Jeffrey Lyles of The Gazette considered it so bad that, “…other legendary bad films…await a film of this magnitude because it gets awfully lonely on the island of misfit movies.” While Roger Moore of The Orlando Sentinel stated: “Alone in the Dark shows just how tenuous Plan 9 from Outer Space ‘s hold on that ‘worst movie ever’ title really is.”

Gamers have long been infuriated by Bolls movies, citing that they rarely have relation to the actual game that they are titled after. Having cheap special effects, horrible visuals, and writing/characters that spit on their beloved franchises and in their own faces as well. The potential of a BloodRayne or House of the Dead movie forever tainted in their minds. Comforted only in the knowledge that Boll failed in his bid to attempt to direct the 2016 Warcraft movie.

On behalf of the gaming community I would like to bid Uwe a fond farewell. You will not be missed……like at all.