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Nintendo is killing it with their Switch Era characters

Nintendo has been killing it with their new characters and designs since the start of the Nintendo Switch Era. Their designs have always been consistently good, but in the past four months they’ve introduced no less than 15 characters that have gone over extremely well, with Minmin, Twintelle, and now Marina going viral. Of their long list of great new characters/designs, only Link and Zelda were characters that existed before the Nintendo Switch’s release. Continue reading Nintendo is killing it with their Switch Era characters

Get your gaming info from gamers, not journalists

Let’s be frank, Common Sense Gaming isn’t a great name. However, the idea behind the name is one I stick by to this very day: “If you want to know about video games, don’t ask a doctor, a farmer, or a journalist about them, turn to other gamers. It’s just common sense.” The name and mantra of this website is more than a convenient way to cast shade on the weakest generation of “video game journalists” the world has ever seen. When I reached out to people to help provide content for this site, I reached out to those who were gamers first and writers second, and it shows. Continue reading Get your gaming info from gamers, not journalists

Using the perfect 10 in video game reviews

An interesting phenomenon occurs when a game, or any form of media really, is awarded a 10/10 score. There’s always a contingent of people that go beyond typical dissenters, haters if you would, ready to spitefully bash any game awarded said 10/10, possibly because they see it as an act of rebellion that will make them cooler in the eyes of their peers, or for some other deeply rooted psychological reason. They’re not the weird ones though, they’re just jerks The weird ones are the people that try to nonchalantly dismiss every 10/10 score because “it’s impossible to have a perfect game.” Continue reading Using the perfect 10 in video game reviews

Do consoles really need more power?

I’m about to voice a mildly controversial opinion: Stronger iterations of modern consoles are virtually pointless, because the art of game design, particularly in terms of gameplay, has lagged far behind the technology aspect of video games. While consoles continue to inflate their TFLOPs, GDDR5 and all the other acronyms fans will throw around without knowing what they even mean, most major developers have fallen into a rut where the only tangible use for that extra power is prettier grass, shinier particle effects, and bigger crowds. Outside of cosmetic effects, how many modern games justify the power of the basic PS4 or XB1? Continue reading Do consoles really need more power?