The Wolfenstein 2 drama shows exactly what’s wrong in America and the media

The Wolfenstein 2 drama shows what’s wrong in America and the media

On the surface, the sight of “Make America Nazi-Free Again” offending some Americans should be a combination of frightening and disgusting. However, anyone with a passing knowledge of current events in America, and the integrity to dig past a thin fairy dusting of BS, can see why many, non-Nazi Americans would take great offense to the game’s slogan.

Clearly it’s a rip on Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again!” I don’t think I need to point that out. What I do need to point out is the utterly disgusting tactic that America’s far Left has begun using to slander hundreds of millions of good, honest Americans: The Nazi Card. A flavor of the month variation of the Racist Card, anything the Left does not like, they label Nazi. Even Jews aren’t exempt from this treatment.

Ben Shapiro is probably the most relevant/famous Orthodox Jew in America today. He’s a straightforward man, follows his religion faithfully, and has targeted, and been targeted by, the Alt-Right’s Nazis more than any public figure in the past few years. Mr. Shapiro gives speeches around the country about justice, personal responsibility, individuality, the upside of capitalism, small government, and other concepts that are kryptonite to the Nazi brand of fascism. After all, anyone that knows jack about fascism knows its core tenets forsake justice and individuality in the name of putting the country and its pervasive, authoritarian government first.

Yet the Left sees this Jewish American  speak out against racism, and labels him a Nazi fascist, on top of making many attempts to silence him and those who like him. These attempts vary in degree of seriousness, but they’d all fit well in the Nazi playbook: Posting signs and graffiti about how he’s not welcome in their community, disrupting traffic, organizing acts of violence in the streets, destroying property, attacking people with bike locks, forcing businesses to close early, and what may be seen as conspiracy to commit murder against right wing Americans they lure into ambushes.

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Fascism Nazis AntifaAntifa continues its transformation into Nazi-like fascists by the word’s very definition. They’re even trying to silence Jews now.

It’s not limited to Ben Shapiro either, water-brained Antifa sympathizers have also taken to slandering Charles Barkley, and really any black non-Democrat in America, as a “Black White Supremacist.” Though acts like this should surprise no one, as these idiots have led the charge for the Left, which now demonizes any citizen that is not a proud Democrat.

Don’t want to get caught up in this escalating flustercuck of increasingly fake news and desperate attacks coming from both sides of the media? Screw you stupid Boogie-wannabe centrists! You think Hillary Clinton was a bad candidate, just because she threw Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims under the bus in front of the nation, undermined the democratic process in the 2016 primaries to beat Bernie Sanders, destroyed evidence crucial to a federal investigation in a Tom-Brady-blatant manner, may have willingly left Americans to die in a foreign country, and has been a notoriously bad liar since the 1990’s? You have a terrible case of Misogyny! You remotely agree with Republicans on any topic? I’LL SUCKER PUNCH YOU GODDAMN NAZIS!

And therein lies the problem.

Since the 2016 presidential election, the Left has been painting half of America as Nazis for the crime of disagreeing with them, then loudly proclaiming their intent to commit acts of street violence against all they feel meet their arbitrary criteria for being labeled Nazis. These Antifa-loving morons can’t even define fascism, nor can they identify Nazis for that matter, it’s just a word they apply to everyone they dislike. To top it all off, they brag about being Communists, the only non-religious, ideological group in history to be canonically worse than Nazis and all of the other fascists combined.

Wolfenstein Nazi AntifaGamers have loved killing Nazis for decades, they’re just taking offense to being called Nazis.

I sincerely doubt many gamers are complaining about the prospect of murdering actual Nazis to reclaim America from Germany’s second great f*%k up. (Remember, Marx came before Hitler chronologically.) It probably has more to do with the fact the new, highly politicized slogan plays into the relentless slander and potential physical violence many of them have had to endure from the Left.

Is there a Neo-Nazi presence in America? Yes, but it’s pathetically small. According to CNN’s report on the SPLC’s findings, there are more African-American hate groups in America (193) than Neo-Nazis (99) or White Nationalists (100). Blacks only make up 12% of America’s population and they have more hate groups than the Neo Nazis. If anything, it’s just another case of black people embarrassing Nazis at things they think they’re good at, and this time they didn’t even need Jesse Owens to upstage Hitler in his own capital.

Seriously though, it highlights how insignificantly small and unpopular the Neo-Nazis are as a group. The largest Neo-Nazi group in America, the National Socialist Movement, is 400 members strong and spread over 32 states. (You can search it yourself if you don’t want to take my numbers, I’m not linking to these shit stains’ websites.) That means there are between 400 and 39,600 Neo-Nazis in total in the US.

That may sound like a huge scary number on its own, but you have to consider the sheer size of America: That’s just 0.01% of America’s 323 million citizens. An ant beneath my shoe would offer more resistance than the entire American Neo-Nazi presence could. America can easily crush any Neo-Nazis that were to become violent. The current claims of rising Nazis in America are greatly inflated by jackasses that scream “Nazi! Racist! Misogynist! Bigot!” at anyone that disagrees with them, regardless of the words’ actual definitions.

Do I blame the people marketing Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus for taking this low hanging fruit of controversy? Hell no! They’ve stumbled ass-backwards upon the literal greatest marketing push of the millennium, as current events have lined up perfectly with the well established Wolfenstein lore of “What if the Nazis won?” Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is going to be all over social media, gaming sites, and “real” news sites until its release.

Wolfenstein Nazi KillerHave I mentioned gamers love killing actual Nazis?

Should they be afraid of chasing off too many potential customers? Not really. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is the next installment of Wolfenstein’s “New Order Series,” which has reinvigorated the franchise and recaptured the spirit of the most important first person shooter of all time. I honestly doubt many among its traditional target audience will be turned off enough by the game’s politicization to actually skip it. After all, there are few things gamers love more than killing actual Nazis.

I do however, blame the media for the dishonest way in which it is presenting many non-Nazis’ frustration with the “Make America Nazi-Free Again” slogan. I hope we can all grow up a bit and someday reflect on this disgusting misrepresentation of an issue as one of the traditional media’s death throes.

14 thoughts on “The Wolfenstein 2 drama shows what’s wrong in America and the media”

  1. America has a Nazi problem, and the moderate right wingers who turn a blind eye in an attempt to save political face are complicit in the hate.

    Fuck them all to death.

    1. You’re a pretty disgusting excuse for a human being to attribute such acts to an entire group of people with zero evidence.

      I’ve never met a Conservative in person that has done anything but hate on Nazis, but the same can’t be said for the Left and violent Communists.

  2. Fascism operates by two actions; Vilifying and Silencing.

    Vilification is when you label your opponents with ad homenim smears and attribute them to fictitious attacks. Vilify someone enough and the people won’t care about their civil rights, their safety, and their right to defend themselves from such accusations.

    Silencing is done to prevent your opponents from defending themselves from the vilification and from contradicting your propaganda and rhetoric with facts.

    From Nazi Germany, USSR, North Korea, China, the Middle East, and every other dictatorship, they have shut down independent media that didn’t agree with them, banned opposing political parties, and subjected anyone who disagreed to varying degrees of punishment, such as being stripped of credentials, their property and possessions seized, arrested (which may also include their immediate family) and subjected to a mock trial, tortured, put into slavery, imprisoned indefinitely, and executed.

    There’s that quote that is attributed to Winston Churchill but it is questionable if he really said it, “The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists”. It is prophetic when you look at groups like Antifa and BAMN, that claims to fight ‘fascism’ by committing violent attacks and property damage in order to prevent conservative and centrist figures from speaking to others, falsely believing that they have the moral high ground because they chose to believe lies told to them and never find out anything for themselves. In fact the regressive left has a hard-on for fascism and a rejection of democracy, demanding that Brexit and that the Trump presidency not happen because the ‘wrong type of people’ voted, claiming that after Trump won there were roving bands of white men beating women and minorities up (of which there was no footage of in an age where every person with a smartphone is a reporter, and the police charged several people for provably false claims), banning people from universities, social media and broadcasting sites for ‘hate speech’ (IE inconvenient facts that contradict the narrative, not actual threats or advocating for violence and genocide) whilst giving a free pass to actual rule-breakers with the right set of opinions, and lastly Hillary Clinton said that if she won she would have Breitbart News shut down. The worst Trump has done to the media is snub them, but they are free to say whatever they like about him.

  3. Well thought out article. Bravo. Its a shame real world politics has to invade the pastime of gaming. Having been a gamer for 30+ years I’ve enjoyed it being a relatively ignored subset of American culture. Should have known it wouldn’t last forever, though. Sad to think the next generation of gamers will never know gaming life without politics attached.

  4. I actually agree with “Make America Nazi-Free again”.

    Let’s go down the checklist
    – Gun-grab, the Left
    – Anti-free speech, the Left
    – Physically attacking political opponents, the Left
    – Destroying property of political opponents, the Left
    – Denying political platforms, the Left
    – Uniformed thugs like the Brownshirts, the Left specifcally Antifa
    – Racism against a specific skin-color, the Left

  5. What an insipid article, the “left” isn’t some homogeneous group yet you treat it as such.

    Its just one non-sequitur to another from clinton to “muh centrism!”

    ” Left has begun using to slander hundreds of millions of good, honest American”

    This is some sweet strawmanning

    1. The irony of defending the specific Antifa Left by saying a group can’t be homogenized, as they attempt to homogenize everyone that doesn’t agree with them under the label of Nazi.

      You clearly don’t understand what a straw man is, because you can look at the comments section of this very article and see morons actively slandering “right wingers” as Nazi sympathizers that deserve to die.

      1. First, not every far leftie is automatically slandering people ya dolt

        Secondly, only one comment talks about “le killing right wingers”

        Thirdly, your quote is still retarded and totally overblowned

      2. And no, i’m not calling you a “nazi sympathizer” rather haplessly misinformed

        You’re going to tell me that giant nazi march and later car rampage aren’t indicative of a problem? Oh right “le black racists tho!”

      3. First of all, users only see comments that get through spam filter, approval, and aren’t deleted.

        Second, not every Leftie is slandering the right, but you’re blind if you don’t think Antifa is collectively hating on the entire right and calling them Nazis or Nazi sympathizers.

        Third, nobody said there aren’t Nazis in America. There clearly are, and when they do become violent we should murder them. Until then, we have a fundamental disagreement on how to handle them. The Antifa crowd handles them like fucking idiots, helping the Nazi/Fascist cause everywhere they appear, similar to the rise of fascism in Italy, Spain, and Germany in Pre-WWII Europe. Using violence to silence a group lends them credibility, and makes you look like the bad guys, especially when you hurt businesses and unrelated individuals in your riots and #Resist-ance. People have historically sided with the Fascists over the Antifascists because they thought the Antifascists were more destructive.

        On top of that, Antifa actively creates channels to recruit people into the alt-right. Antifa has no qualms about labeling people alt-right Nazis when they clearly aren’t (See: Ben Shapiro). When people are labelled unjustly,they begin to wonder if the other people sharing that label are really as bad as they originally thought, and may be open to feeling them out. I can say from my experience in the South: Racists can pass themselves off as normal, friendly, everyday people when not doing racist shit. Once the members of the alt-right begin to get friendly with these new faces, and give them a supportive community, they can easily worm their ideology into people with new peer pressures until it takes root. This is why Antifa is worse than the fucking Nazis: 1) They’re Commies, when are worse than Nazis. 2) They increase the ranks of Nazis in any society they appear in, which is observable by the notable increase in hate groups and alt-right sympathizers since Antifa-type movements became active.

        How does the Right fight Nazis? By giving them a stage and enough rope to hang themselves with. I could take the stage against any Nazi and destroy them in a debate in such a manner that anyone observing could tell that Nazism is a failed philosophy for losers that can’t compete and should just fucking die. Their entire pitch is unable to stand on its own under any scrutiny whatsoever, which is why we should let them talk. Hell, if you put any Nazi on a debate stage with Ben Shapiro, the entire Neo Nazi movement would collapse from embarrassment.

        But no, instead far leftists would rather call any and all who disagree with them racist, sexist, homophobic, Nazi bigots.

  6. Hey man, I see your article has gotten a bit of hate. Can’t say I’m surprised. Firstly, I both agreed with and enjoyed it. Secondly, as someone who has an active interest in politics, I immediately saw allusions to modern American politics in the trailers and gameplay of Wolfenstein II. Confirmation bias is possible, but between the overt slogans and observable identity politics present in game, I don’t think you are wrong in the slightest. Anyone who disagrees with you is either naive, young, or further left than Marx. While not everyone on the left throws out the accusation of being a Nazi or a racist like candy, enough of the most vocal do. Free speech is being trampled in all sectors, particularly the academic, under the guise of political correctness. The free exchange of information and ideas is being trampled in favor of eliminating “hate” speech, which can never be fully eliminated as in order to do so would require fascism.

    In any case, thanks for the article. Unlike many of the other posters, I’m happy you see a larger picture. Honestly, I’m not purchasing this game, I cannot bring myself to support idealogues.

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