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No matter the genre, Nintendo is top of the line

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn is an amazing game. It’s a very polished first attempt at an open world, which is why it’s hard to believe Guerrilla Games had never done anything of this scale in their history. Horizon Zero Dawn was a feel good story about a massive success from a team that had been pigeonholed into making nothing but the Sony exclusive FPS, Killzone. There were even some favorable comparisons to Witcher 3: Guerrilla Games had created a cutting edge open world that could stand with the best of them.

For all of three days. Continue reading No matter the genre, Nintendo is top of the line

New Details Leaked For Nintendo Switch

Since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch on Thursday people have been clamoring for the latest news from Nintendo about every little detail that can be pried from their tightly-closed lips. Though a lot of questions have been answered many of them will likely have to wait longer than any of us want to get an official answer. Perhaps even until next year. That being said a few new details have managed to be discovered by mining the depths of the flurry of Nintendo press releases that have been coming out. Continue reading New Details Leaked For Nintendo Switch