Twintelle ARMS Global Testpunch

ARMS Global Testpunch returns, now with Twintelle

Today the ARMS Global Testpunch makes its triumphant return. Last week saw the game receive tons of praise from those that got their hands on it, myself included. After the first Testpunch, ARMS shot to the top of the Amazon video game software sales charts, and it should do even better after this round: Twintelle has been added to the roster due to fan demand.

If you don’t know who Twintelle is, she’s the ARMS character that set the internet on fire with shapely ass and dark complexion. Part Bayonetta, part Beyonce, and all bad ass, Twintelle was not originally going to be playable during the ARMS Global Testpunch, but in a smart move on its behalf, Nintendo has put her on the roster to appease her vocal fan base.

This round of the ARMS Global Testpunch will also feature the Hoops and Skill-shot minigames, where players will use throws to dunk their opponents like human basketballs and compete in precision target breaking respectively. If you’re interested in participating, the times are as follows:

ARMS Global Testpunch Times

ARMS releases on June 16, the day after E3, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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