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EA’s change signals the dam is going to break for Nintendo Switch support

EA was one of the first companies to abandon the Wii U, and the mass exodus from the platform is one of the reasons Western third parties have been so gun shy about supporting the Nintendo Switch, so far. EA originally promised a single game, FIFA 2018, but upon recognizing the Nintendo Switch as what may be the next Wii-tier success, the company has stated its interest in supporting the console with additional releases. This could be the first crack in the dam.

If EA, a company infamous for its willingness to quickly cut losses and burn bridges, is willing to come back to the Nintendo fold for the Switch, we may be seeing the start of third parties migrating to Nintendo Switch en masse. The allure of a new console is always stronger than its technological limitations, if it’s successful.

And few words can describe the Nintendo Switch more accurately than successful.

Nintendo Switch Sales JapanThe Nintendo Switch is a huge success in Japan, where it’s still selling out almost instantly, offering third parties a new audience.

Nintendo can’t keep the system adequately stocked, and it has single-handedly reinvigorated the long dead Japanese console gaming market, where even the current top dog PS4 was a bit of a flop. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been critically hailed as one of the greatest games ever made, and it’s on pace to be the best selling entry in the franchise. Mario Kart 8 has also seen critical acclaim, and will undoubtedly sell more copies than Breath of the Wild. The Nintendo Switch hasn’t even seen its first holiday yet, and its setting sales records.

As if the potential for massive sales on the Nintendo Switch weren’t enough of a reason to port games to the platform, Nintendo has gone out of their way to make sure porting games will be an incredibly simple task, one that can be done quickly. Is the Nintendo Switch hardware weaker? Yes, but games can be scaled down, and the Nintendo Switch’s ability to run Casa Barragan at 720p without proper optimization highlights that. It’s not like developers will be targeting 4k on the platform that has a built-in 720p display.

Nintendo has changed the game. I know I’d rather play Madden on Nintendo Switch than PS4, and I’m not alone. Many gamers are willing to eat a large hit to graphical performance in order to have portability. It’s combining the appeal of mobile with the quality of console. At this point, not supporting the Nintendo Switch will cost third parties a lot of money in lost potential sales. That’s why EA is just the beginning.

9 thoughts on “EA’s change signals the dam is going to break for Nintendo Switch support”

  1. Ah, you poor thing. Keep dreaming. It’s not doing any better right now then the Wii, Wii-U. It’s on track for normal numbers. Come back after six months ( usually when sales drop) after the Nintendo faithful have purchased it and see if the normal masses buy it. If the price drops, which it normally does after six months, it will stand a good chance. I’m not saying its dead, just saying its not doing anything special right now.

    1. Below is a like to the launch aligned sales rates, in Japan, for the Switch, Wii U, PS4, PSV, and 3DS. Switch is supply constrained, which is why the graph for it is almost a straight line.

      The Switch has been selling out of its stock constantly in Japan and North america. It’s currently setting sales records and outselling the PS4, and shows no signs of slowing down. Not with mario, smash, pokemon, minecraft, and the virtual console coming this year. That’s not even counting any third party support they do get.

      The recent demographic numbers show it’s already selling to the same demographic as the PS4, meaning more than just the “Nintendo faithful” are buying it.

      The only reason it didn’t outsell the PS4’s launch sales is because Nintendo literally cannot make the system fast enough to satisfy the market demand.

    2. Every thing you said was wrong. First off It is selling better than Wii, and Wii-u for the first month. Plus it is doing it during the slowest part of the year! And consoles sales are very cyclical(up and down during the year).

      WRONG AGAIN: Sales does NOT usually drop after six months they usually drop after ONE month for a new console, then start on a steady upward incline.

      WRONG AGAIN: IF the price drops , which is normally does after 6 months? Nintendo NEVER dropped the price of the wii or the Wii u while there where still technically the current console, not even $1.

  2. >The Nintendo Switch is a huge success in Japan, where it’s still selling out almost instantly, offering third parties a new audience.

    Please stop the joke.
    Audience of the third parties is less than only 20%.
    Nintendo takes more than 80% of audience.
    There is not the place to stay of the third party there.

    1. The PS4, the only system western third parties can use to sell games to Japanese gamers, has an install base of 5M.

      If the Switch has similar sales to the 3DS, it will sell over 20M in Japan.

      20% of 20M is a much larger audience than 20% of 5M.

    2. 20% is a lot when your going up against Zelda, and Mario cart. Once third parties start releasing AAA titles they will take a bigger percent of that. Once FFVII remake which is made with UE4 is put on the SWITCH they will actually create a LARGE sames increase of the SWITCH as long as it is TURN BASED.

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