Vanquish Digital Deluxe Edition

Vanquish, Platinum’s underappreciated stylish action shooter, is coming to PC


“What if?” It’s a question we all hear too often. Usually it leads to bad hypotheticals, but sometimes it leads to something worse: A cool idea that will never happen. Like “What if Platinum Games made a stylish action shooter?” Wait…that happened?

Vanquish Digital Deluxe EditionYeah it did, and it was awesome too. Most people, myself included, didn’t even know about Vanquish until it was a free PS3 download on PSN. That’s a crying shame, because it’s the best thing Shinji Mikami has made since Resident Evil 4.

Fortunately, Platinum Games has been porting their classic 7th generation gems to the PC, complete with graphical options, unlocked resolution, and uncapped FPS. Seeing as Bayonetta’s PC release was a smashing success, this could be the second chance Vanquish needs to prove itself and possibly earn a sequel.

Vanquish Digital Deluxe EditionVanquish Digital Deluxe Edition releases on Steam May 25, and fans that pre-order will receive a digital OST sampler, a digital art book, wallpapers, and avatars. Additionally, fans that bought Bayonetta on Steam will get a 25% discount on Vanquish, which is currently priced at $19.99.



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