E3 2017

Don’t be fooled, the fake E3 2017 leaks are coming

There’s nothing gamers love more than collective hype, great games, and bragging rights, all things E3 embodies. We’re just over a month away from E3 2017, or Summer Xmas as I like to call it. It’s a time of excitement and hype, as E3 is where dreams can be made real (Sony 2015) or crushed (Nintendo 2015). However, there’s an issue that rears its ugly head around this time every year: Fake E3 leaks.

People have mastered Photoshop, 3D printing, and the poorly angled off-screen photo to create fake images and props that can fool the world, often angering fans or setting them up for disappointment, just to grab some fleeting attention. Unfortunately, it works all too well. Per-click media will pick up every leak, no matter how unscrupulous, and give it the same level of coverage as an official announcement: Fake E3 leak articles are a feeding frenzy of clickbait, and the money just rolls in.

Do not trust the leaks.

Some are inevitably accurate, be it because of actual inside sources or pure dumb luck, but the vast majority will be lies. Don’t get your hopes up based on things some goober posts to 4chan, gamefaqs, or neogaf, and certainly don’t let it ruffle your feathers. Repeat it like a mantra, as often as needed: “Do not trust the leaks.”

To highlight this, here’s a sampling of some previous fake leaks:

Fake E3 LeaksThis is the perfect example of something fake being true from pure dumb luck. The inFAMOUS Lightning Edition leak was fake, but Sucker Punch was in fact working on a Spider-Man game.


Fake E3 Leaks EARemember Battlefield 5? It wasn’t even close to the reality. It should have been obvious that the leak was fake when Nick Earl was listed as the presenter for Mercenaries 3, despite having left the company over half a year earlier.


Fake E3 leaks NintendoAh, the annual fake leak of the Nintendo E3 plans. So steady and true is this E3 fake that there’s a website that parodies it by randomly generating a new fake every time it’s refreshed.


Fake E3 leaks NX Nintendo SwitchNot sure if this counts as an E3 leak, it was really early, but it was fake, and highlights how much effort people will put into being scumbags on the internet. This fake “NX” image started a firestorm and even began to sour people on the idea of Nintendo’s next console, before it was even announced. I won’t mention any names, but it doesn’t help that certain people with “insider knowledge”helped fan the flames.

Now that we’ve covered why you shouldn’t trust the leaks, why not have some fun and tell us your fake leak for E3 2017 in the comments section below?


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