Sonic Forces Custom Character OC

Sonic Forces custom characters unleash the force of fandom

Oh no…No! It was said Sega would thin the horde of Sonic side characters, not create them! Yet here we are, Sonic Forces allows players to create their own custom characters. I fear Sega does not understand the “Sonic Forces” it has now tapped into.

The Sonic franchise has a fandom where the term rabid is not only accurate, but a massive understatement, with a fan art scene that has taken a dark turn towards kinky, furry fetishism. Not only has this fandom filled google searches for “Sonic” with poorly drawn erotica, but it has commandeered the search terms Knuckles and Human Knuckles

Human KnucklesThat’s not a joke either, it’s real.

As if the Sonic fandom wasn’t already radiating uncomfortable levels of fervor and zeal, Sonic Forces is going to whip it into a frenzy. Especially, if any of them had an original character (do not steal) that resembles one of the seven new customizable character models. Thankfully, the models themselves are static, and can only be adorned with accessories and gadgets that are used in the third, unique play style:

Hold on…that snippet of the unique character campaign actually looks a bit more interesting than the lackluster Classic Sonic gameplay we saw previously. Maybe this won’t be so horrible after all. I’m not a fan of the Boom style gameplay of Modern Sonic, and I have no faith in Sonic Team to make Classic Sonic feel as fun to play as Sonic Mania, so perhaps this mode will return to the Sonic Adventure style. Hopefully, with less jank.

Also, mark my words, this will be the best selling 3D Sonic game. Appealing to fandoms previously saved Fire Emblem and Nier, now it will push Sonic sales to new heights.

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