Future Pokémon Games Could Be Featured on Nintendo Switch

In a recent interview with Game Informer Junichi Masuda, producer of Game Freak’s latest Pokémon titles Sun & Moon, did not rule out the possibility of cross-platform releases for future Pokémon titles.

With the unveiling of the Nintendo Switch yesterday, which combines consoles and portable handheld technologies, it was only natural for gamers to wonder what the future could hold for many of Nintendo’s prized franchises. Gamers are already aware of new additions to Zelda and Mario franchises, as well as a host of others, but the possibilities for Pokémon are especially intriguing.

Masuda spoke specifically about “timing” when it comes to Game Freak releases, and that they want to reach a large audience. But, with Pokémon  Sun and Moon ready for release next month, the developers of Pokémon can look to their next title in the series. And with Nintendo Switch officially announced for launch in March 2017, the next title could find its way onto the new console/portable hybrid, or even a port of Sun and Moon from the 3DS to the Nintendo Switch.

The possibilities of this are very exciting as the added technical power could open a variety of ways for Game Freak to innovate with their video game series through the inclusion of additional gameplay features, visual improvements, and more resource-demanding online/battle features. Gamers should not expect a complete reinvention of the Pokémon franchise, but rather the continued progression of the franchise that has changed substantially since the inaugural release of Red and Blue in 1996, while keeping the core spirit of the beloved RPG intact.

What changes do you think are possible? What changes do you expect? And what do you think the future holds for the Pokémon franchise? Let Common Sense Gaming know in the comments below!

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