EA will watch how Fifa 18 does on Switch, is “exploring other products” with the console

In an interview with GamesIndustry, EA executive Laura Miele gave some interesting information in regards to the company’s partnership with Nintendo, and specifically the Switch. The Fifa 18 port seems to be a sort of test run for the developer, to see how their games sell on the console. Miele said they’re going to “continue to watch how the hardware does.” They’re also “exploring other products… looking at other IP.”

This makes Fifa 18 a vital game for the Switch, as if it sells well it should lead to support for other EA games. Miele also discussed the differences in play when working with the Switch as opposed to other consoles. “There are technical differences, yes, but I think most importantly there are player differences,” she said. Miele believes that with a mobile gaming console like the Switch, the experience is different, so games need to be designed to accommodate that. That is what they’ve done with Fifa 18, and what they will do if there is a future between these two companies.

You can read the full interview here.

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