Nintendo SPotlight Livestream image

Live Blog: Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017

At last and by certainly no means least, Nintendo’s Spotlight live stream is here to give us a look at the year ahead for Nintendo. It’s expected that Super Mario Odyssey will get a large preview, with possible highlights for Mario + Rabbids and more.

8.47am PST Here we go, the final press conference of E3 2017 is just over ten minutes away.

8.50am PST This may be a very fast paced presentation if the last couple of Nintendo Direct’s are anything to go by.

9:00am PST Here we go! the Press conference is started, showing off very happy teams playing Rocket League, FIFA, Pokken Tournament DX and Splatoon 2 on Switch.

9:02 am PST Reggie talking about how fun games are! Super Mario Odyssey get’s a name drop.

9:06 am PST New trailer from MonolithSoft, discussing Xenoblade Chronicles too, showing off Gameplay with some of the cinematic aspects of the game. Massive creatures, space ships and more, this game looks very interesting.

9:07am PST Everyone’s favourite pink, fluffy vacuum cleaner on show now, Kirby!

9:08am PST Kirby’s coming 2018.

9:10am PST Discussion on third party games, claiming lots of multiplayer games are coming on switch. Now it’s Pokémon’s turn, discussing Pokken Tournament DX.

Oh My Word. Pokémon mainline RPG announced on Switch by Game Freak. ‘Stars’ may just be a reality. Probably at least a year away.

9:11am PST Metroid Prime 4 is in development for Switch!

9:12am PST Yoshi’s showing right now – In contention for one of the most light hearted trailers of E3 so far. Coming 2018.

9:15am PST Fire Emblem Warriors is coming Fall 2017. No release date but it’s looking a very promising game.

9:15am PST Zelda DLC up now.

9:17am PST Entitled The Master Trials, the first DLC includes Master Mode and more, including more armour, interesting. June 30th 2017

9:18am PST Second DLC pack, entitled the Champion’s Ballad pack is coming Fall 2017.

9:20am PST Arms, Pokken and Splatoon 2 Tournaments announced for E3.

Mario + Rabids Kingdom Battle up now.

9:21am PST Nothing new Shown that wasn’t seen at Ubisoft’s conference yesterday. Rocket League is up now.

9:22am PST Rocket League is coming Fall 2017, with cross network support to play other consoles, new hat’s for Mario and Luigi and more new cars to be discussed later.

9:23am PST Super Mario Odyssey time, Mopeds, Dinosaurs and more up, including Mario’s hat being possessed by a white top hat ghost.

9:24am PST Using Mario’s hat, it appears you can take control of all sorts of enemy’s controlling them to avoid hazards and more. Wow. You can control a T-Rex!

9:25am PST As it ends, 27th October 2017 for Super Mario Odyssey. That was fast paced and fantastic. Stay tuned to Common Sense Gaming for first impressions and more.







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