Yoshi Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 Nintendo Switch

E3 2017: Yoshi coming to Nintendo Switch

There are two sides to every story. Yoshi arrives on the Nintendo Switch in 2018 with a cute side scrolling adventure! Explore makeshift playset-esque stages as you toss eggs and don paper mache skull masks, taking on familiar Mario enemies.

An interesting mechanic this games brings is the “flip side.” When players ground pound, the stage’s point of view is changed, so it can be played from another angle. Use this to your advantage as you solve puzzles and look for secrets on both sides of a 2D map!

Wander through stages made of cardboard and sand with other Yoshi’s (probably co-op mode) and interact with the environment to take the gameplay to the next level.

The tentatively titled “Yoshi” for Nintendo Switch arrives in 2018.

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