Movistar Riders announce departure of their Overwatch team

Yet another organization has pulled out of sponsoring an Overwatch team,  as Spanish Esports Organization Movistar Riders has announced they’re dropping theirs. Uncertainty about the forthcoming Overwatch League was once again cited as the cause.

Per a blog post (translated), Movistar said: “Movistar Riders has decided not to continue its presence in the game Overwatch from the next split.” They thanked their roster (neptuNo, Logix, Kolsti, CWoosH, Dante, Finnsi and Destro), and congratulated them on their success in the sport. This is yet another organization to leave the esport, the second this week following Selfless’ disbanding. Like other orgs before them, Movistar Riders “will closely follow both the evolution of Overwatch… to rethink entering again in the competitive scene with a team.” For now we can only update our bingo boards (source: Survivor: Overwatch)


The Overwatch league has been the source of much speculation. Though reports that both Robert Kraft (New England Patriots) and Fred Wilpon (New York Mets) have bought spots for $20 million, actual teams have been reluctant to buy in. At this point, we can only wait and hope there’s enough teams by the time the league starts up.

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