Doomfist announced by Blizzard, available on PTR

After months of speculation, Blizzard has finally announced Doomfist. The West-African Talon leader has arrived on the scene with an animated short, a developer update video, and an impressive kit.

According to Jeff Kaplan, Doomfist “wants to see humankind become more powerful.” He’s part of the council of leaders of Talon, confirming that Reaper is not the sole leader of the group. The hero introduction was an animated short, in a newer American-anime style rather than the usual 3D.

Doomfist’s kit is highly mobile and powerful. Surprisingly, he’s an offense hero, contrary to what people expected. His primary fire is a sort of knuckle-shotgun. On his non-gauntlet hand, Doomfist has a Genji-like mechanism that fires a short range projectile burst. You can fire up to four in a row, or space them out to have a steady stream of shots.

His alt-fire is called “Rocket Punch” and is a charged melee using the gauntlet. The player charges up to four bars before releasing, knocking back enemies and doing a huge amount of damage. If player are knocked into a wall it does more damage.

Doomfist’s abilities are both vertical mobility-based. His shift is “Rising Uppercut” where he… does a rising uppercut. This can be paired with his E, Seismic Slam, where he leaps forward and slams the ground, dealing knockback and stun damage.

He also has a passive, “The Best Defense.” Whenever he deals damage, he gets a shield relative to the amount of damage he puts out. This, along with his mobility abilities, make him a top-tier flanker and harasser.

His ultimate looks like one of the most fun in the game. Doomfist leaps up in the air, targets an area, and slams his fist to the ground, dealing damage, knocking back enemies, and stunning them.

These abilities make Doomfist a Dive-comp machine. For those wishing the arrival of Doomfist would change the current Meta, looks like you’ll be waiting a little longer. Doomfist can dive in on groups and individuals alike and deal massive damage, so heroes with low mobility are at a huge disadvantage to him. He’ll be right at home next to a Winston, D.Va, and Tracer/Genji.

Doomfist is live on the PTR! Clips taken from Seagull’s stream Watch the animated short here and the developer update here!

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