E3 Liveblog: Devolver Digital Conference

Welcome to our E3 Liveblog of Devolver Digital’s Conference!

9:57 PST

We’re only a few minutes out! Devolver revealed on their twitter they’re not going to be announcing any new games, so we’ll see what we get.

10:00 PST

Here we go! Looks like we’re getting an Eric Andre style conference here.

10:04 PST

Okay, NOW we’re starting.

10:06 PST

Devolver is doing a pretty good job at making fun of E3 conferences.

10:07 PST

Games! Ruiner is shown as an over-the-top run and gun shooter. Visually incredible. Looks cool!

10:08 PST

This is genuinely entertaining. Speaker announces “Devolver Digital Screen Pay”, where you can literally throw money at games. Devolver doesn’t like E3.

10:10 PST

New Serious Sam with Campaign, Online Co-op, Survival Mode, Versus Deathmatch, and Mod support. Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour comes out soon!

10:13 PST

Back to the memes. Devolver Digital Earliest Access– “We hastily rush games that aren’t ready to consumers.”

“Comment Created Content” makes changes based on peoples “half-assed” comments!

10:18 PST

Credits roll…

10:20 PST

We’re back to the Eric Andre-esque interview with developers.

10:21 PST

We get a look at Frog Smashers, from the creators of Broforce! Four-player smash-bros like fighting game where frogs hit each other with bats. This looks like a seriously entertaining game.

10:26 PST

They’re doing a bit about coffee. Here comes another game! Multi-Ball. Arcade style game that changes what game you are playing every few minutes. It references NES, Commodore 64, and other old systems. Looks like a little video game history museum you can play!

10:34 PST

Project Richter is a procedurally generated Hotline Miami.

10:43 PST

A guy named Zeke comes on stage and punches FutureMan in the face. What is happening?

10:46 PST

They’re not even showing gameplay anymore…

10:51 PST

They cut to a storage closet where a guy who apparently beat Eminem in a rap battle is rapping. I don’t know.

10:55 PST

Amid all the crazy stuff, Project Richter looks like a lot of fun. Fans of Hotline: Miami will enjoy.

11:07 PST

They just showed 15 minutes of professional wrestling.

Okay, we’re back to the couch show!

Speaking of wrestlers, John Morrison makes an appearance to promote his movie.

11:11 PST

Boone: The Bounty Hunter looks… funny? Are there going to be more games?

11:13 PST

Back to video games. They’re playing a new Toejam and Earl!

11:20 PST

They just asked John Morrison what Kevin Sorbo Smells like.

Aaaaand that’s gonna be it for us, what did you think of this… interesting conference? Let us know!

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