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Top 5 Wii U games that need Switch ports

The Wii U was a clumsy machine with a poorly realized concept and sparse library. Nintendo’s ill conceived console only sold about 13 million units before it was put down to clear the way for the sleeker, sexier, and better selling Switch. While the library was small, the quality was top tier, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has shown Nintendo is not content with letting some of this generation’s best games fade to obscurity.

With that in mind, here are five great Wii U games that need Switch ports: Continue reading Top 5 Wii U games that need Switch ports

Do consoles really need more power?

I’m about to voice a mildly controversial opinion: Stronger iterations of modern consoles are virtually pointless, because the art of game design, particularly in terms of gameplay, has lagged far behind the technology aspect of video games. While consoles continue to inflate their TFLOPs, GDDR5 and all the other acronyms fans will throw around without knowing what they even mean, most major developers have fallen into a rut where the only tangible use for that extra power is prettier grass, shinier particle effects, and bigger crowds. Outside of cosmetic effects, how many modern games justify the power of the basic PS4 or XB1? Continue reading Do consoles really need more power?

New Details Leaked For Nintendo Switch

Since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch on Thursday people have been clamoring for the latest news from Nintendo about every little detail that can be pried from their tightly-closed lips. Though a lot of questions have been answered many of them will likely have to wait longer than any of us want to get an official answer. Perhaps even until next year. That being said a few new details have managed to be discovered by mining the depths of the flurry of Nintendo press releases that have been coming out. Continue reading New Details Leaked For Nintendo Switch