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Prey review: Delightfully chilling

The opening of Prey feels like it’s been pulled from a Christopher Nolan movie. You’re given the choice between a female or a male Morgan Yu, Asian-American engineer and all round technological prodigy, and inside the first ten minutes, the game begins seeing how much it can get away with. Even from its early developmental stages, Prey has been heavily anticipated, and although it’s now almost a month old, it’s still worth a look. Continue reading Prey review: Delightfully chilling

Using the perfect 10 in video game reviews

An interesting phenomenon occurs when a game, or any form of media really, is awarded a 10/10 score. There’s always a contingent of people that go beyond typical dissenters, haters if you would, ready to spitefully bash any game awarded said 10/10, possibly because they see it as an act of rebellion that will make them cooler in the eyes of their peers, or for some other deeply rooted psychological reason. They’re not the weird ones though, they’re just jerks The weird ones are the people that try to nonchalantly dismiss every 10/10 score because “it’s impossible to have a perfect game.” Continue reading Using the perfect 10 in video game reviews

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review: Racing to the top

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the Nintendo Switch’s upgraded port of the stellar Mario Kart 8, DLC included. Unlike most ports to next generation consoles, this entry has some very significant updates, ranging from subtle to “Holy crap it has a real Battle Mode!” As such, this title should be treated as a new game, which is why we’re giving it a full review of its own. Continue reading Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review: Racing to the top