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Team Up?

I currently have my hands full, and my output is going to continue to crawl as i set up my new apartment, look for a new job and find a new vehicle. At the same time, I’m working up to the eventual full start of the Faux 90’s Gaming Magazine CSG and video content. You can currently see what I’m going for by clicking over to the reviews section on this site.

I’d like to cover all of the bases found in classic magazines: Previews, Reviews, Interviews, Tips & Tricks, Letters, Features, Comic/Gag Strip, Fan Art Envelopes, etc. I need content to practice laying out pages, and that’s something I’m currently light on.

Are there any gamers that enjoy writing and want to team up? There’s currently no profit, so you’ll have to settle for those wonderful exposure bucks everyone talks about, articles that have a unique look when shown off to potential employers, review copies, and an introduction to editors from sites that actually do pay.

There’s also complete transparency: I am investing my personal money into eventually making something of this site.  If and when I turn a dime on this side project, all records will be made known to the group, and everyone involved will get a share. However, that’s still far away.

Again, I’m not looking for journalists. I can find those. I’m looking for gamers that want to share their experiences and have fun making throwbacks to PSM, Nintendo Power, EGM, etc., while building a community and media source gamers deserve. If you want to write for fun, with the added perk that it may eventually get noticed or make money, then let’s work together.