Remastered Skyrim’s most important change for PC players

It is pretty easy to see the main selling points of the remastered Skyrim Special Edition on consoles. The game is being run on all new hardware and adds mod support for console users, similar to how Fallout 4 did. However,  that’s a little bit of a harder sell for PC gamers, who have had the luxury of an active modding scene, even five years after it’s original release. PC players have been able to get close to the visual fidelity offered by the upcoming Remastered edition. So why should PC players upgrade?

Well, besides the fact that it is free to Steam users that own Skyrim and it’s three dlc’s, it’s using a 64 bit version of the engine. This means Skyrim Special Edition will be able to access up to 2 terabytes of RAM as opposed to the 4 gigabytes the original Skyrim did. While most people only have up to 16 gigabytes of RAM this change essentially unlimits the game’s RAM usage. This is particularly important for modders who had to struggle to cut down their RAM usage in their mods. The change eases mod development and allows for more extravagant mods all around. With mods being the lifeblood of Skyrim, this is a pretty big deal.

Cynically speaking, this allows for Bethesda to sell more copies of their game on PC while relying on the free labor of modders, but for the community as a whole I see this as a good thing. This upgrade will provide a jump-start to the modding community and may bring back modders that had previously moved on. We’re looking forward to the mods we’ll see in the coming months.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition releases on October 28.

EDIT: Redditor McSeptim pointed out that the 64 bit version can use up to 2 terabytes of RAM.


The Shadow Warrior 2 launch trailer doesn’t take itself too seriously

In case you missed it, Shadow Warrior 2’s launch trailer wants to remind you that the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. “The Touch” by Stan Bush? Yep. Gratuitous, comedic violence? Check. References to wanting some Wang? Continue reading The Shadow Warrior 2 launch trailer doesn’t take itself too seriously

New Info on Civilization VI Leaders

In a live stream today Pete Murray and Ed Beach of Firaxis games showcased the new leader mechanics in the upcoming release Civilization VI. It has been pretty obvious for a while that Civ VI would include the ability to pick different leaders for each civilization, but the inclusion was officially confirmed yesterday with the reveal of the Greek leader Gorgo: Continue reading New Info on Civilization VI Leaders

Big changes are coming

My call for help did not fall on deaf ears, and thanks to that, this site will soon start bustling with a lot of new content. Someday, I hope we can all look back on this as a case of greatness coming from humble beginnings. A time when gamers banded together after years of strife, and made something cool. A place to congregate without others, especially the writers, insulting you for your taste in games, platforms of choice, or views on the media as a whole.

Believe it or not, there was a time when gaming media was almost as satisfying as the games being covered. Many of us older gamers may remember the excitement that came with getting that copy of PSM, EGM, Nintendo Power, Ultra Game Players, etc. from the store or in the mail. News on big upcoming games, letters, fan art, contests, and comics/gag strips, inserts, and other cheap gifts felt magical. There was a wit and a charm to old gaming magazines that hasn’t been matched since.

While the magazine medium has almost completely died off, with the internet replacing it, that doesn’t mean the spirit of this forgotten medium can’t live on. That’s what we’re trying to do with Common Sense Gaming: Reclaim the spirit of gaming’s Golden Age, and adapt it to today’s modern media.

Now to the part where those of you reading this help out.


As a new face on the scene, our content is going to be limited by our views. Until we get enough eyes on us, most (non-indie) publishers won’t even respond to our inquiries, let alone ship us early copies for previews/reviews, or sit down for interviews. They want exposure, and at the time of this writing we can’t give it to them in the amounts they desire.

However, we’re gamers. Problem solvers, either by nature or the nurturing of gaming’s school of hard knocks, and we have a plan: This site has no ads. None of us are paid by advertisers or clicks, the great corrupters of today’s media. We don’t have to funnel your eyes to our site. The site isn’t important at all. What’s important is that you see our content, wherever it may be, and let the developers and publishers know you’ve seen it.

Being the gamers we are, we’ve turned the problem with the magazine medium on its head, and made our faux magazine style our biggest strength. Before, magazines were cumbersome, and slow to distribute. Now, we turn a page into an image you can download and share freely with others. There’s no ads to filter, no time wasted. If you like our content, right-click, save as, post wherever, and enjoy at your leisure.

All we ask is that those of you who like our stuff take that extra fraction of a second to retweet or share. You don’t even have to add a witty comment. Would it be awesome if you donate to our patreon or tip us directly through paypal? Fuck yes it would, this shit is coming straight out of my pocket, christ I can’t afford this forever, what am I gonna do about re– Yes, it would be great, but its not currently needed.

A glimpse at something we’d like to bring to our followers: Boss ass console/pc decals.

A big part of our goal moving forward is to capitalize on our easily spread nature to become known and reach out to developers, publishers, and artists. This is so we can bring cool stuff that you would expect from a 90’s gaming magazine. Envelope art and other such contests with cool prizes, decals for your gaming systems, and maybe someday physical collectors edition publications so you can really feel that magazine magic.

That’s pretty far off, but it’s where I want us to be. Until then, this is just a labor of love for gamers, by gamers.

Team Up?

I currently have my hands full, and my output is going to continue to crawl as i set up my new apartment, look for a new job and find a new vehicle. At the same time, I’m working up to the eventual full start of the Faux 90’s Gaming Magazine CSG and video content. You can currently see what I’m going for by clicking over to the reviews section on this site.

I’d like to cover all of the bases found in classic magazines: Previews, Reviews, Interviews, Tips & Tricks, Letters, Features, Comic/Gag Strip, Fan Art Envelopes, etc. I need content to practice laying out pages, and that’s something I’m currently light on.

Are there any gamers that enjoy writing and want to team up? There’s currently no profit, so you’ll have to settle for those wonderful exposure bucks everyone talks about, articles that have a unique look when shown off to potential employers, review copies, and an introduction to editors from sites that actually do pay.

There’s also complete transparency: I am investing my personal money into eventually making something of this site.  If and when I turn a dime on this side project, all records will be made known to the group, and everyone involved will get a share. However, that’s still far away.

Again, I’m not looking for journalists. I can find those. I’m looking for gamers that want to share their experiences and have fun making throwbacks to PSM, Nintendo Power, EGM, etc., while building a community and media source gamers deserve. If you want to write for fun, with the added perk that it may eventually get noticed or make money, then let’s work together.