Game Rankings

What separates a score of 91/100 from a score of 92/100 when reviewing video games? As someone that has written for many websites, I can tell you there is no real difference. People make up arbitrary scores to roughly approximate how they feel at the time they make it up.

As a side project, I’ve decided to list every new video game release I play this year in one place, organized from best to worst. There are no scores, just ranks. This makes it easy to see where games fall, the binary “better or worse” nature of said list eliminates the hairsplitting that comes with numbered review scores, and avoids the issue of how to decide something like “Game of the Year” when two games receive the same points.

Since there are no number scores on this list, I’ve borrowed an idea from the amazing Howard Taylor, and divide games into three types: Those that cross a threshold of greatness, those that fall below my standards, and those that linger somewhere between the two extremes.

Remember, these rankings are just out of what I’ve played, and while I play a lot of games, I won’t play everything. I also have my own tastes, much like you should have your own. If you like the same types of games, or place emphasis on similar elements of a gaming, as I do, you may see this list as a guide of some sort.

If you don’t share my tastes…then leave an angry comment or something? I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing here, but you do you. Who am I to tell you what to read?


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