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eSports: Yikes! rebrands as Arc6

Yikes! announced last night they’re officially changing their name to Arc6, and will compete in today’s Contenders matches under the new name and logo.

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eSports: Dummy officially released by NRG

Unfortunately for pro Overwatch player Dummy,  rumors and speculation on the flex support player’s future with NRG have proven true, as the organization has parted ways with him, according to a post on

NRG has been trying out various replacements over the last week, with Aythen (formerly of Immortals), b1am (formerly of Kungarna/ Team Solo Mid), and sleepy (formerly of Tempo Storm) all getting their shot to be part of the troubled roster. The organization has also been trying out Phaz (formerly of Rise esports) for Lucio play, along with xRetzi (formerly of Rise), and Brazilian star Snow (formerly of Method) for projectile DPS.

Currently, the roster stands at three: IDDQD, Harbleu, and Numlocked, with Seagull in reserves. It looks like NRG will be another few months before being at full strength. Dummy is currently a free agent, and hasn’t responded to the news beyond a tweet vaguely acknowledging it.

Konami Exec: PES 2018 not coming to Nintendo Switch

While soccer fans may be excited about FIFA 18 coming to the Switch, that’s all they’ll be getting, at least for now. Eurogamer has reported that Konami Global Product and Brand Manager Adam Bhatti confirmed that PES 2018 will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but they are open to bringing future games to the console: Continue reading Konami Exec: PES 2018 not coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Exec: Metroid Prime 4 coming in 2018

Metroid Prime 4 and the new Pokemon RPG game are apparently coming in 2018, says Nintendo communications director Charlie Scibetta’s interview with Venture Beat. Scibetta talked up the constant stream of games Nintendo has planned, saying “If you want to be able to play games and not have a dry spell between any of the big launches, we think Nintendo Switch is a good place to be.” Continue reading Nintendo Exec: Metroid Prime 4 coming in 2018

EA will watch how Fifa 18 does on Switch, is “exploring other products” with the console

In an interview with GamesIndustry, EA executive Laura Miele gave some interesting information in regards to the company’s partnership with Nintendo, and specifically the Switch. The Fifa 18 port seems to be a sort of test run for the developer, to see how their games sell on the console. Miele said they’re going to “continue to watch how the hardware does.” They’re also “exploring other products… looking at other IP.” Continue reading EA will watch how Fifa 18 does on Switch, is “exploring other products” with the console

.hack//G.U.’s remaster trailer is out

Publisher Bandai Namco announced the Japanese multimedia franchise .hack  would see the three .hack//G.U. games remastered, as .hack//G.U. Last Recode. With other adaptations including light novels, manga, and a CGI film, the series, and this particular subset, saw its golden days near the end of the PS2 era in 2006 and 2007.

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Nintendo Switch Gets It’s First Major System Update.

The Nintendo Switch has now obtained it’s first major system update, 3.0.0. It aimed to add a few new features to make using your Nintendo Switch more ergonomic and improve the general user experience.

Nintendo listed some of it’s key features that it’s releasing including adding friends from you 3DS and WiiU friends list, notifications when your friends come online and the ability to activate the vibrate function on detached Joy Cons that are within communication range of the Console.

Nintendo Switch System Update
Other updates include sound and colour option changes and the ability to uninstall software to enable installation of other software.

This update should automatically be installed on your Switch, if not see the support site (here) for advice on how to properly install the update as well as the full list of updates for Nintendo Switch 3.0.0

Grand Theft Auto V’s Steam reviews are ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’ as OpenIV is closed

Grand Theft Auto V has had startling longevity, owing to its complex online and detailed open world that provides gamers with an almost unfathomable amount of stuff to do. Even outside of its lauded story, I still play Grand Theft Auto V for things like its tennis, golf, and the peyote animal trips. Continue reading Grand Theft Auto V’s Steam reviews are ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’ as OpenIV is closed