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What you can buy on Playstation 4 this week

It’s that time of the week where the PlayStation blog reveals what you can play on PS4 this week. The highlights include That’s You! The first game using the PlayStation 4’s Link capacity with mobile phones, allowing game to be played using mobile phones to enable a new way to play.

That's You! Image
That’s You! [Source]
That’s You! will allow up to 4 players (on Mobile Phones) to compete to decide who would best fit a scenario given, such as “What’s Adam most likely to do whilst on holiday?”, who drew over a picture of one of the group to create the best superhero, and more. This game is available to PS+ members on the 4th July (Free for PS now subscribers) and available on general release on the 5th July.

Speed Runners Deluxe Edition
SpeedRunners Deluxe [Source]
Speed runners Deluxe is another game released this week, a speed runner about superheroes competing to get to a crime, with rockets, grappling hooks and more. Throw other players off screen as the player competes with up to 3 others to be the first super hero to the scene. Both the deluxe (containing all DLC) and the the standard version release on 5th July 2017.

For a full list of games set for release this week, check out the blog here.

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