Examining Super Metroid, or how I define Timeless

Now that Metroid: Samus Returns has been announced, I took the opportunity to correct one of my long standing mistakes. I’m ashamed to admit it, but until recently, I’d never finished a single classic Metroid game in my life. I was scared of Metroid as a child, the original Metroid II was impossible to find in my town by the time I had a Game Boy, and Super Metroid was too expensive to buy, but too open ended to complete as a rental (pre-internet). It wasn’t until Metroid Prime that I had maturity and money at the same time, and could indulge in a fresh Metroid experience. Continue reading Examining Super Metroid, or how I define Timeless

eSports: Dummy officially released by NRG

Unfortunately for pro Overwatch player Dummy,  rumors and speculation on the flex support player’s future with NRG have proven true, as the organization has parted ways with him, according to a post on over.gg

NRG has been trying out various replacements over the last week, with Aythen (formerly of Immortals), b1am (formerly of Kungarna/ Team Solo Mid), and sleepy (formerly of Tempo Storm) all getting their shot to be part of the troubled roster. The organization has also been trying out Phaz (formerly of Rise esports) for Lucio play, along with xRetzi (formerly of Rise), and Brazilian star Snow (formerly of Method) for projectile DPS.

Currently, the roster stands at three: IDDQD, Harbleu, and Numlocked, with Seagull in reserves. It looks like NRG will be another few months before being at full strength. Dummy is currently a free agent, and hasn’t responded to the news beyond a tweet vaguely acknowledging it.

Konami Exec: PES 2018 not coming to Nintendo Switch

While soccer fans may be excited about FIFA 18 coming to the Switch, that’s all they’ll be getting, at least for now. Eurogamer has reported that Konami Global Product and Brand Manager Adam Bhatti confirmed that PES 2018 will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but they are open to bringing future games to the console: Continue reading Konami Exec: PES 2018 not coming to Nintendo Switch

Why Super Smash Bros was never going to be at E3

In the lead up to E3 2017, many Nintendo and fighting game fans were expecting to see either an enhanced port, in the vein of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, or an entirely new entry for the Super Smash Bros series on Nintendo Switch. On the surface, it seemed like a logical idea: The new Smash amiibo are finally coming after a lengthy wait, and if Pokken Tournament was getting a DX version, then certainly Smash deserved one. However, while Smash is definitely coming to the Nintendo Switch, there was never a chance it was going to be at E3. Continue reading Why Super Smash Bros was never going to be at E3

Bethesda needs to give fans more year-by-year

Turn back the clock two years and a few days. Bethesda had just finished their first ever full E3 press conference, BE3 2015. They’d live streamed shows before, sure, but nothing quite like that. They announced some of their most anticipated games of the last two years: Dishonored 2DoomThe Elder Scrolls Online going to consoles. Finally, the latest mainstream offering of one of their flagship IPs: Fallout 4. Continue reading Bethesda needs to give fans more year-by-year