star fox 2

Star Fox 2 developers celebrate release after 22 years

Finally, the developers of Star Fox 2 can have a drink.  With the release of the SNES Classic Edition, Star Fox 2 will be included in the bundle. The Star Fox sequel was originally set to release in the summer of 1995, and was a major step up from the original in terms of graphics, as it took advantage of a 3D game engine, which allows players to experience more than the linear gameplay of the original.

According to programmer Dylan Cuthbert, lead programmer of the game, in an interview he gave years ago to ArwingLanding, “Star Fox 2 was fully completed… Myself and the rest of the original Star Fox team expanded Star Fox into a full 3D shooting game. The reason for non-release was the then impending Nintendo 64 which of course was intended to be released a lot sooner than it actually was. Miyamoto-san decided he wanted to have a clean break between 3D games on the Super NES and 3D games on the new superior 64-bit system.”

You can finally play Star Fox 2 on the SNES Classic Edition on September 29th, 2017.

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