eSports: Dummy officially released by NRG

Unfortunately for pro Overwatch player Dummy,  rumors and speculation on the flex support player’s future with NRG have proven true, as the organization has parted ways with him, according to a post on

NRG has been trying out various replacements over the last week, with Aythen (formerly of Immortals), b1am (formerly of Kungarna/ Team Solo Mid), and sleepy (formerly of Tempo Storm) all getting their shot to be part of the troubled roster. The organization has also been trying out Phaz (formerly of Rise esports) for Lucio play, along with xRetzi (formerly of Rise), and Brazilian star Snow (formerly of Method) for projectile DPS.

Currently, the roster stands at three: IDDQD, Harbleu, and Numlocked, with Seagull in reserves. It looks like NRG will be another few months before being at full strength. Dummy is currently a free agent, and hasn’t responded to the news beyond a tweet vaguely acknowledging it.

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