eSports: Dummy’s future with NRG still in doubt

NRG released their new line of team apparel yesterday, complete with player jersey’s. Interestingly, you can only buy a jersey for four players on the team. There are currently five.

NRG esports’ website lists Anthony “Harbleu” Ballo, André “IDDQD” Dahlström, Seb “Numlocked” Barton, and Tim “Dummy” Olson on the main roster, with Brandon “Seagull” Larned as a reserve. The thing is, you can buy a jersey for Harbleu, Numlocked, IDDQD, and even Seagull (who left the main roster to focus on streaming), but not Dummy.

Dummy had a rough month when the new NRG roster was finalized. He, Numlocked, and Seagull made it past the roster swaps, but the hype around picking up Harbleu, IDDQD, and Ajax quickly fell apart after a few very poor performances in tournament play. There are a couple reasons for their failures as a team back in April. They are a relatively new team, and they haven’t had a consistent 6-man roster since Seagull left the main team. Unfortunately, the supports still took most of the blame. Dummy was caught out of position one too many times, and Ajax failed to peel for him to get him back with the team.

Cloud 9’s Lane “Surefour” Roberts, after playing NRG, put it simply on his stream: “Well, their supports suck.” Caster ZP responded to this post with some more criticism for Dummy, saying “Dummy has been the weakest part of most teams he’s been on going back to the earliest era of Overwatch… Surefour might be blunt in his comments here in regards to Dummy, but he certainly isn’t wrong. NRG can get better options for their money right now.”

Whether or not either of these statements are true, Dummy has certainly gotten the brunt of the blame for his team’s issues. So, where does he stand on NRG?

Dummy is apparently not living in the NRG team house, as seen in an IRL stream featuring Numlocked, IDDQD, Harbleu, and coach Seamoose. He hasn’t played competitive on his main account yet this season, and it looked like he stopped playing altogether after the poor showing at the April Monthly Melee, as his rank decayed to 3000 flat. He’s yet to stream since the losses a few months ago, probably because twitch chat and Reddit have been demonstrably cruel towards him for his team’s misfortunes.

With one support gone, it looks like Dummy might be going the way of Ajax, who was given the chance to play for his spot on the roster, which he declined. It seems as though Dummy has gotten that same ultimatum, but has decided to try to get back into his main support role. With Dummy’s jersey unavailable for purchase, it looks like he’s still in purgatory with the team.

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