Max Brass ARMS DLC Spectator Mode

E3 2017: ARMS’ new character and spectator mode revealed

In the last moments of the Nintendo Treehouse, ARMS producer Kosuke Yabuki came on to announce new DLCs coming to the game soon. First, he gave us a look at Max Brass, the first DLC character. Max Brass is the greatest fighter ever on the ARMS Grand Prix, so much so that his arms are made out of championship belts. He sports a Trojan helmet and a huge upper body.

Max Brass seems to be the most tank-ish of the characters, going by his appearance and abilities. His special power is a charge to his body, so that when he gets hit he doesn’t flinch. Beyond that, when his HP drops below 25%, it automatically activates that power until the round ends.

Speaking on how the new character will change the game, Yabuki said “there will be a lot of strategies and meta elements [before he is released]…Max Brass will shake up the balance again.”

Yabuki also announced a spectator mode, seen in the ARMS tournament, will be added to the game. This not only allows friends to watch other friends play, but makes non-nintendo tournaments easier to run. This addition is a big step for the ARMS esports scene.

Yabuki and his team hope to continue growing the ARMS world that they have made, as Nintendo plans to continue adding free content to the game, including game modes and characters. The first update releases this month and will feature spectator mode, the Max Brass update releases next month.

ARMS releases tomorrow, June 16, 2017.

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