Destiny 2 capped at 30 FPS

Destiny 2 Locked at 30 FPS on Xbox One X

During an Interview with Geoff Keighley on YouTube’s E3 Coverage Bungie’s Luke Smith confirmed that the upcoming sequel to Destiny will be locked to 30 FPS on the ‘Most powerful console in the world’ Xbox One X.

While there was no reason given as to why such a decision was taken, this lines up with the stance of Bungie on PS4 Pro’s version of Destiny 2 which will run in 4k, but at 30 FPS. The reasoning for the PS4 Pro is that the CPU does not have the capability to run Destiny 2 at 4k and 60 FPS.

Destiny 2 Image 2
Destiny 2 looks beautiful, no matter the frame rate [Source]
This news has sparked anger from fans, who have noted that it seems more than coincidence that PS4 has exclusive downloads and marketing deals, while Xbox One X version has been inhibited without giving good reason. It is noteworthy that the PC version of Destiny 2 can run Destiny 2 at 4k with an unlocked frame rate. Some fans have reasoned that these changes could be down to parity not between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X but between Xbox One X and the other members of the Xbox One family.

Time will tell what the true reasoning for such a decision is, but what do you think is the reasoning for the FPS lock? Let us know in the comments below.

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