Kirby Nintendo Switch E3 2017 Nintendo

E3 2017: Kirby coming to Nintendo Switch

Inhale your way to victory in a new Kirby coming for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo unveiled a minute and a half long trailer at E3, and it showed off a lot of the game’s fun and interesting mechanics.

Fight stylized enemies, or get them to fight on your side as you eat, slam, and pound all that stands in your way. In the short time shown it made clear there’s many types of power ups, from fire to water to sword, and teaming up with differently powered enemies will create a unique experience through every level. Fight with Sir Kibble, Poppy Bros. Jr, Burning Lee and more as you go up against Whispy Woods and all types of enemies.

Check out the Kirby reveal trailer here:

The tentatively titled “Kirby” for Nintendo Switch will be available in 2018.

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