Super Mario Odyssey E3 2017 Nintendo

E3 2017: Super Mario Odyssey shown off

Super Mario Odyssey was the star of Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight. The presentation displayed Mario playing his way through multiple levels, using his Ghost-possessed hat to control enemies, items, and strangely enough, a T-Rex. The reasoning for Odyssey’s title is that the Space Ship shown off in the Switch reveal trailer is in fact named Odyssey.

The hat mechanic was shown off in the post-spotlight Treehouse live, and is called Capture, where it enables Mario to take control of everything from Bullet Bills to Rocket’s and more. The hat previously detailed in the Switch reveal is called Cappie, a White top hat ghost who can posses Mario’s hat as well as other creatures, including the aforementioned T-Rex, although that hasn’t been thoroughly detailed yet.

Screenshot Super Mario Odyssey
Hat’s off to you Mario! [Source]
It was also revealed that there is two types of coins in Odyssey, with a first in the series feature where the coins can be used to buy ‘Souvenirs’ for the world the shop is based.

Super Mario Odysseys is positively stunning, with every inch of the screen showing off the Nintendo Polish, the level of which very few developers reach. In the Treehouse Live, Mario was shown doing challenges including a platforming section involving parkour across New Donk City.

Stay tuned to CSG as more information is shown for Super Mario Odyssey.

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