E3 2017 Liveblog: UbiE3

Welcome to our Liveblog for Ubisoft’s 2017 E3 Press Conference! Going off their teaser, we’re expecting content from Far Cry 5, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Just Dance, The Crew 2, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Rabbids + Mario corrsover, and a brand new IP! Let’s see if Ubisoft can take an E3 victory with their presentation!

12:40 PST

We’re 20 minutes out!

12:44 PST

The pre-show features a bunch of community content– cosplay, art, and compilation videos. Some really cool stuff here!

12:47 PST

Interview with Assassin’s creed Dev, who promises 30 minutes of gameplay after the conference.

12:48 PST

Videos of programmers and other members of Ubisoft talking about how they told their families that they wanted to work in video games.

12:52 PST

The cringey duo hosting the pre-show throw to a video package of community gameplay. There’s a lot of shouting.

12:57 PST

South Park dev talks about The Fractured But Whole, playable at the Ubisfot booth!

Far Cry 5 developer Dan Hay thanks the team working on the Far Cry series.

1:00 PST

Yves Guillemot kicks us off… here we go!

1:01 PST

As expected, Rabbids x Mario crossover!

1:02 PST

Miyamoto is in the building!

1:03 PST

We get a life-sized look at some of the weapons available in game. Miyamoto: “These are very different from the weapons you see in Ghost Recon!”

1:05 PST

Miyamoto talks about his 20+ years long relationship with Guillemot as both a friend and rival.

1:06 PST

Miyamoto talks about working with David Gasman, director of the Rabbids series, who thanks Miyamoto from the audience with tears in his eyes. Great moment.

1:08 PST

We get a first look at Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle! Rabbids dressed as Peach and Luigi follows Mario around a somehow more cartoony Peach’s Castle.

1:09 PST

We get a lot of visuals and map exploration, but not much real gameplay yet.

1:10 PST

Here’s the combat! Turn based system highlights planning and player-ability combinations.

1:11 PST

Some really cool movement and attack combinations shown! Rabbid Luigi jumps through a pipe, slides through an enemy, jumps off Mario, and flanks the enemy again. Cool stuff.

1:12 PST

We’re 12 minutes in and Ubisoft has already shown more gameplay than the other Developers in their conferences. Good start so far.

1:13 PST

Trailer shows off a lot of what we just saw, plus more characters and weapons in action. Mario +Rabbids Kingdom Battle is available August 29th, 2017! Assassin’s Creed Origins is up next!

1:16 PST

Director of Assassin’s Creed Origins talks about 10 years of the game. They’ve been working on bringing Egypt to life since Black Flag.

1:17 PST

Here comes a trailer! Trailer showcases a vastly vibrant world, from grassy swampland to deserts. World and character design look cool, but will the gameplay follow up?

1:20 PST

Looks like we’re gonna get a taste of what guests will see on the show floor. Gameplay shows off Eagle-Eye drone system using an actual eagle. We don’t really get much, we’ll have to wait until after the show to get more.

1:21 PST

Looks like The Crew 2 cinematic trailer.

1:22 PST

Trailer shows off cars, motorcycles, planes, and a wide open-world experience. Hopefully we can see some gameplay in action.

1:24 PST

Developer promises to take the unique vision of The Crew to new heights. The Crew 2 is the “home of motor nation.”

1:26 PST

In game footage shown but from cinematic camera angles. What will it look like to drive these things?

“Forge your own path off-road through the striking beauty of nature.” They’re pushing the open-world really hard here. We get off-roading in forests ir naviagating tihgt city streets, boats in oceans or small rivers, and flying through open air or in between city buildings. The Crew 2 comes out early 2018! You can register now for beta access.

1:30 PST

South Park time! We get a funny story trailer, available on October 17th! That looks like it for South Park.

1:32 PST

Elijah Wood featured in a VR promo!

1:33 PST

Transference comes out Spring 2018! “Enter the Home of a Mind.”

1:35 PST

Guillemot introduces a Ubisoft Singapore game about Pirates!

1:36 PST

A pirate ship attacks a cargo vessel, and is in turn attacked by other pirates. Game is called Skull & Bones.

Justin Farren, Creative Director of the Game, talks about naval combat and a real pirate experience. You can play solo, or form a gang of pirates with your friends. Shows Loot Hunt, a 5v5 PVP gamemode. Looks like we’re getting gameplay!

1:40 PST

Players have to use the wind to position themselves and give themselves an advantage. We get a look at the different types of ships, from Frigates to Snoopers.

1:42 PST

The team of 5 combines their efforts to take down the enemy Frigate. The Frigate is boarded and an animation shows them taking over the ship and collecting the loot.

1:45 PST

“Pirate Hunters” (looks like NPCs) come in to attack the Pirates with the most loot.  The winning team retreats. You can sign up for early access now!

1:46 PST

Another trailer shows off a Kraken invading a ship. Skull & Bones comes out Spring 2018.

Time for Just Dance 2018.

1:47 PST

We get a live performance featuring songs from the game. Twitch chat is having none of it.

Bebe Rexha performs “The Way I Are.” Do they not have footage of the game? Just Dance 2018 comes out October.

1:49 PST

South Park again! They’re getting a mobile game! Cowboys vs. Indians vs. Pirates vs. Cops vs. a whole lot of others. Phone Destroyer comes out this year!

1:51 PST

Ubisoft Toronto shows off a new space-faring game. Looks like a toy-based video game. Starlink Battle For Atlas Comes out 2018.

Build custom star-ships and lead groups into battle across an entire star system. Starlink will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

1:54 PST

Interesting, we get some information on Steep. The first Steep expansion comes out this December.

1:56 PST

Looks like Olympics competition. Play a variety of events in Steep: Road To the Olympics.

1:58 PST

About time for Far Cry 5!

Cinematic trailer shows a gun-wielding cult singing Amazing Grace in a church in Hope County, Montana.

2:00 PST

Gameplay time!

Player sneaks up on a group of cultists, sends their support to cover them from a water tower.

2:01 PST

Characters like Boomer the dog, Nick Rye, and Grace Armstrong are shown off as guns for hire. You can also play online co-op!

2:02 PST

If all of Hope County looks anything like that little sliver in the trailer, it should be a fun time.

2:03 PST

A monkey hands a fake idol to a pig, then grapples his way out. This looks like a weird, futuristic AU Assassin’s Creed.

2:05 PST

The monkey steals a police cruiser with his human friend and they make their escape. They hand the disc they stole from the pig to the people they meet in a ship.

It’s Beyond Good and Evil 2!

2:08 PST

Creative Directors come out and thank Ubisoft and the fans for waiting 15 years for a sequel.

2:09 PST

Travel across a giant, multi planet, multi-cultural, diverse society where corporations make human hybrids.

You can join the Space Monkey Program today to help in the development of the game!

2:11 PST

Yves brings the teams on stage and thanks the audience.

That’s it for the press conference! We’ve got 30 minutes of Assassin’s Creed gameplay coming up!

2:12 PST

We get a look at Alpha footage of the game.

2:14 PST

We get a look at the eagle drone again, followed by the Assassin taking on some level 20 enemies.

Bayek releases a caged Lion to attack his enemies. We see a little of the looting system, there will be a rarity system!

2:16 PST

“Adrenaline” is introduced as a part of the combat system. Build adrenaline and unleash more devastating attacks.

Take a look at the skill tree!

assassins creed.PNG

2:20 PST

We head out to Sea! Bayek takes a dingy and sends his Eagle out to check out the lake. We get a look at the incredible graphics of the engine and the Xbox One X!

2:22 PST

We head underwater, looting chests and exploring islands.

2:23 PST

Bayek attacks a hippo which comes after him. We get a look at some really cool underwater combat!

2:24 PST

Bayek asks to “borrow” a boat, throwing the current occupant into the water.

2:25 PST

The player runs their boat into a military boat, Bayek shoots some fire arrows into the boat, setting it on fire.

2:26 PST

We head to a wharf, this time with level 25 enemies! That’s about 5 level highers than Bayek is in the demo. He takes a shot at one of the guards and is taken down in two hits.

2:29 PST

We take a look at the map and it’s huge. The demo area is a small bit for the country-wide playable area.

2:32 PST

Bayek takes on a side-quest, finding lost gold to save a punished slave.

2:33 PST

Bayek abandons stealth and takes on a camp head on. We get a good glimpse at the fluidity between bow and arrow and spear based combat. Bayek builds up his adrenaline and unleashes a special attack– impaling a brute-enemy straight through!

2:35 PST

In classic Assassin’s Creed style, Bayek synchronizes a view point, complete with a leap of faith into a stack of palm leaves.

2:38 PST

We get a look at the Warrior Bow, the “shotgun bow” of the game. Shoots 5 arrows at once!

2:39 PST

Looks like a lot of RPG elements shown off so far, like looting and weapon rarity systems.

2:40 PST

And that’s it! Assassin’s Creed Origins comes out October 27th! Some pretty promising gameplay so far, we’ll have to wait to see if the story holds up.

Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you in a few hours for the Sony conference at 6:00 PST!

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