E3 Liveblog: Sony’s 2017 Press Conference

It’s Sony’s turn now. Will they stand out among the other conferences?

5:49 PST

We’re live with the Pre-show. We get a look at Superhot VR, a shooter where time only moves when you do. Very cool concept. Show starts in 10 minutes!

5:52 PST

Tropico 6 comes to PS4 next year!

5:53 PST

UNDERTALE!!!! PS4!!!! WOWZA!!!!!

Undertale Collectors edition features a physical copy, an art story booklet, and a “Memory” music box heart locket!

5:57 PST

PSX announced for December 9-10 2017!

5:59 PST

Here we go!

6:00 PST

Trailer showing off GTX, PSVR, and others. PS VUE ad playing now.

Days of play ad playing… and now we’re in the conference!

6:02 PST

Live orchestra plays us in…a waterfall flows behind them.

6:03 PST

Possibly an intro for Assassin’s Creed Origins, music played is traditional Indian.

6:04 PST

Audio troubles start us off… but we’re getting a look at a new Uncharted?

6:06 PST

Cool cinematic trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Audio might be fixed.

6:07 PST

DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn “The Frozen Wilds” coming 2017!

6:09 PST

Audio fine after 10 minutes… looks like Days Gone trailer. Gameplay being show!

6:10 PST

Main character is tracking a lost friend, fighting off zombies on the way. Looks a lot different than the horde of zombies we saw last year.

6:12 PST

This looks like a more gritty Last of Us. Stealth elements being shown off.

6:13 PST

And there’s the horde.

6:14 PST

I wonder if these are all planned, things you have to do, or there are different approaches to these situations.

6:15 PST

That bear doesn’t look like fun. Days Gone, however…

6:16 PST

Here’s Shawn Layden!

6:17 PST

Layden giving the year in review… promises a more robust selection of games coming in the future.

6:19 PST

This next title has a “cult following” and is near to Layden’s heart.

6:20 PST

Twitch chat thinks Monster Hunter…

6:21 PST

More stelath being shown, followed by some insane Dragon Hunting action.

6:22 PST

And it’s Monster Hunter World! Coming out early 2018!

6:22 PST

In this next game the player runs around Stone Monsters and other gigantic creatures. Shadow of the Colossus comes 2018!

6:24 PST

Marvel vs. Capcom!

6:25 PST

The Guardians of the Galaxy are shown off as new characters to the series. The good guys are looking for the infinity stones to take down the Grandmaster.

6:27 PST

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is playable on September 19th. Cinematic trailer looks cool but would have liked some gameplay.

6:28 PST

Looks like COD: WWII.

6:30 PST

Another cool cinematic trailer. A little gameplay dispersed throughout but not a whole lot. Call of Duty WWII releases Nov 3rd.

6:31 PST

Skyrim VR! Skyrim is all over this E3.

6:32 PST

A new PSVR game, but shown as a platformer. Why show a VR game without whatit looks like under the headset? Game is Star Child.

6:34 PST

Here comes a VR horror game. The Inpatient takes place in  a mental hospital, which is a little clique, but VR should make up for it.

6:35 PST

Final Fantasy XV DLC Monsters of the Deep drops September 2017 in VR!

6:36 PST

Bravo Team looks like a basic VR shoot em’ up.

6:37 PST

Moss is a fantasy VR game where you play as a sword wielding mouse.

6:39 PST

God of War time!

6:40 PST

We got a gameplay trailer last year, so I’m cool with a cinematic story trailer.

Little bit of gameplay shows Kratos kicking the crap out of bad guys with the help of his son. Combat looks really fluid.

6:42 PST

Kratos to his son: “A warrior must not feel for his enemy.” Harrowing stuff.

6:43 PST

“It’s the World Serpant!” says Kratos’ son. “It wants to help us!”

Still no release date. Early 2018!

6:44 PST

Futursistic dystopic society shown in new trailer.  Looks like a robot uprising type deal.

6:46 PST

Choices matter!

“We are superior to them but they are our masters?”

6:47 PST

Lead the Android Revolution through violence or pacifism in Detroit: Become Human!

6:50 PST

“Welcome to a world without light!” Destiny 2 time.

6:51 PST

Short trailer, but we know enough about it. Villain looks cool. PS4 gets exclusive content: A strike: Lake of Shadows, special gear, a ship, an exotic weapon: The Borealis, and a special PVP map: Retribution.

6:53 PST

Should be Last of Us 2 time…

6:54 PST

They’re ending with Spiderman?

6:55 PST

Okay, this game looks cool… but is it end of conference cool?

6:56 PST

Appearance of Wilson Fisk! That’s pretty cool.

6:58 PST

Love the long format gameplay. Spiderman mechanics seem really fun.

7:02 PST

Spiderman looks pretty cool. Coming in 2018.

7:03 PST

Wrap up video… I guess they showed enough of TLOU 2 already.

7:05 PST

And… that’s it!

A couple interesting games. Thanks for checking out our Liveblog! See you tomorrow morning for Nintendo!

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