The Crew 2 Ubisoft E3 2017 reveal

E3 2017: Ubisoft shows off The Crew 2

“There’s no better playground to explore the thrill and excitement of motorsports than America.” The gameplay trailer puts it perfectly, The Crew 2 is the ultimate motorsport game. Take on the roads, seas, and skies in a fully realized open world USA. The map itself is over 2,000 square miles of streets, forests, rivers, oceans, and of course open sky.

The gameplay itself showed off an open world New York City, where players raced around the tight city streets in cars and underneath bridges in the city’s rivers. The game is divided up into four disciplines, Street Racing, Pro Racing, Off-road Racing, and Freestyle.

The cinematic trailer showed off impressive visuals, with a young racer making a name for himself in street racing, moving on to motorbiking through the desert, and eventually racing planes and boats all over the world.

There is currently no release date, but it is scheduled to be available early next year. Sign up for the beta here!

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