Beyond Good and Evil 2 Revealed

E3 2017: Beyond Good and Evil 2 Announced

This is not a drill. Beyond Good and Evil 2 was the final announcement of Ubisoft’s E3 2017 Press Conference. The original released on PS2, Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube in 2003. In a U-turn on an announcement by Michel Ancel earlier in May that the game wouldn’t be re-revealed at E3, the game was announced with a gorgeous CG trailer that featured humour, style, and an over reliance on profanity.. This was followed by an emotional Michel Ancel on stage.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Michel Ancel Stage Image
Beyond Good and Evil 2 won’t be a sequel to the story told in the original, contrary to leaked footage showing supposed gameplay with Jade, the main character of the original. It will instead be a prequel, following a unique cast of human-animal hybrid characters, with talking monkeys, pigs and more filling the trailer. The game will have a single player campaign, and has been called a “seamless online playground” as well, so expect multiplayer.

BGAE 2 Space Monkey Programme Image
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There could be sneaking suspicion that the final mysterious female character looking unsurprisingly like Jade could be her mother, although we may have to wait to find out the answer.

No platforms have been announced at the time of this writing. There were rumors it would be Nintendo Switch exclusive, but Sony was seen pushing it on twitter, and while that’s not a confirmation of multiplatform status, it’s hard to believe Sony would mention it if they weren’t getting in on the action.

Are you excited for Beyond Good and Evil 2? Are you a long time fan of the first one or just caught up in the hype of yet another long awaited announcement?

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