Liveblog: Xbox at E3 2017

Join us here for a live feed of all the major announcements and games showcased at Xbox’s press conference for E3! You can have a look at the liveblog for last night’s EA conference here. Additionally, later tonight, after the conference finishes, we’ll be wrapping up a first impressions piece on everything Xbox showcase.

Already confirmed are the much-anticipated Project Scorpio reveal, and more information on BioWare’s new IP, Anthem, announced last night.

Watch the livestream on YouTube here.

17:32 EST: We’re just under half an hour away now. The hype is building.

18:00 EST: Seconds now…

18:02 EST: And we’re starting… a showcase of games in their respective resolutions through the ages, starring Halo, Fallout, and Gears of War thus far, leading up to a splash displaying the 4K power of, and I’m assuming here, the Scorpio.

18:05 EST: After a pretty impressive 4K video — which looked pretty good on my 1080p monitor to boot — Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, is up on stage.

18:06 EST: The Scorpio is not the Scorpio! It’s called the Xbox One X instead!

18:08 EST: Some pretty overwhelming hardware stats. People cheer. What’s a teraflop again?

18:10 EST: All Xbox One accessories and game will work on the Xbox One X. I feel like everybody was expecting that. Apparently, however, the Xbox One games on the Xbox One X (god, this is getting a lot) have improved 1080p output.

7 billion transistors! 7 billion!

18:12 EST: Showing off some racing footage on the Xbox One X, and, again, on my 1080p monitor, it looks incredible. Is this a new Forza game?

18:13 EST: It’s a new Forza game! Forza 7. And now the head of Turn 10 is… unveiling a car?

18:15 EST: Okay, I’m confused. This is Xbox at E3, not a Porsche showroom, right? That aside, it is a very nice car.

There seems to be a common theme here in the raw power of engines. (Get it?)

18:18 EST: So far, a fairly seamless transition from the Xbox One X to Porsche to Forza 7, which looks like a very pretty new Forza game. Release date October 3, 2017.

18:20 EST: Phil Spencer has just announced they will be showing 42 games, and 22 of those will be exclusive to the Xbox One.

The first of those seems to be a sequel to the Metro games.

18:25 EST: A pretty stunning piece of footage for the post-apoc Metro: Exodus, which will be released for Xbox One and Windows in 2018. It takes us through some of the Russian metro system, a small abandoned village, and a lot of combat with some homemade shotguns, and explosive crossbow darts. Now onto Assassin’s Creed

18:28 EST: Assassin’s Creed: Origins seems to be everything it was leaked to be. Ancient Egypt is supposedly the birth of the Assassins, which is interesting. RPG elements, a huge open world, and now a gameplay trailer.

18:30 ESTOrigins seems to include a pet eagle which functions exactly the same as the drone in Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Very well-trained, I must say. Overall, the game looked pretty good. An inventory system, skill points, combat straight out of Horizon: Zero Dawn

18:35 EST: The gamer-dev of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now up on stage talking about his early-access offering, and how he’s bringing it to console. The trailer makes the Xbox One port look much better than the current PC version.

18:39 EST: Indie dwarf-mining-FPS Deep Rock Galactic has a quick reveal, before moving on to something different.

18:43 EST: This is relentless. Immediately afterwards comes State of Decay 2, which looks similar to the original State of Decay. Spring 2018 release.

18:45 EST: Indie third-person battle arena The Darwin Project is shown quickly with a man in glasses shouting loudly over it. And now, for Minecraft

18:46 EST: …which is apparently now cross-platform, consoles, PC, and mobiles included, integrating community servers… and a 4K update. For Minecraft.

It also seems to be getting a “Super Duper Graphics Pack”, which has confused me. People do understand Minecraft is inherently low-res, right?

18:50 EST: Almost an hour in, and we’ve had 9 games, including this Dragonball Fighter Z cel-shaded brawler.

18:53 EST: J-MMORPG Black Desert has had a spot on the 4K screen now, which seems to be console-based, and looks very, very pretty.

18:54 EST: Indie cyberpunk stealth-shooty-something The Last Night looked less pretty thanks to its pixel art style, but still like an interesting concept.

18:55 EST: I can hardly type fast enough. The Artful Escape, coming to Xbox at some point, looks a little bit like Brodyquest: The Game.

18:57 EST: Hack-and-slash Code Vein, on the other hand, looks a little bit like a post-apocalyptic medieval Dark Souls-God Eater Burst hybrid.

18:59 ESTSea of Thieves, open-world, co-op pirate romp, looks like it has potential for some real fun. Then again, I have a soft spot for everything pirate, so that’s not saying much. Also, the Scottish guy they have narrating the gameplay footage makes it ten times better.

19:06 ESTSea of Thieves looked really, really, really fun.

19:07 ESTTacoma, whatever it is, holographic space station explorer… thing, releases on August 2nd.

19:10 EST: Following a fox briefly scampering from screen to screen, I have concluded that platformer Super Lucky’s Tale may well be the most wholesome and delightful video game ever released. Release date November 7th.

19:11 EST: …whilst Cuphead, releasing on September 29th, looks like it could be out of a 40s-era cartoon nightmare.

19:12 EST: Terry Crews wearing an exo-suit and a plasma rifle. I’m intrigued. It turns out to be cartoony Crackdown 3, which looks like it contains a fair amount of multi-coloured explosions, car-throwing and mechs. Release date also November 7th.

19:15 EST: I… about 15 indie titles were listed, including Osiris: New DawnPath of ExileFable: FortuneOoblets, The Strange Brigade and some others. I looked away for like five seconds, I swear.

19:17 EST: Shortly after comes darkness-and-light themed horror-hack-and-slash Ashen, which looks like it’s going to make me scared of the dark for a while.

19:18 EST: And now comes sequel to teen-superhero-angst Life is Strange. Episode 1 of 3 available for pre-order.

19:22 EST: Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is showing off new features of the Nemesis system. It also looks very visually appealing. Seems well-written and quite funny, too. Some named enemies, it seems, will also hunt you down for revenge after being left for dead. Release date October 10th.

19:30 EST: Sequel Ori and the Will of the Wisps looks like it might be the most visually appealing of all the games Xbox have shown.

19:31 EST: The OG Xbox games are now due to be backwards-compatible, the program launching on Xbox One some time this year.

19:32 EST: A fair few AAA releases of the last year or two Spencer has just announced incoming 4K updates for.

19:34 EST: Xbox One X will release in November at $499. And now to hear from EA regarding, hopefully, Anthem.

19:43 EST: Anthem looks like a third-person co-op PvE Destiny with some unreal graphics. I’m personally wondering if it’s tailored towards solo runs whatsoever, but it looks absolutely astonishing, and the gameplay still looks fun at least. There has been some speculation on the reasoning behind BioWare’s personnel shifting with regards to Mass Effect: Andromeda, and the new IP that Anthem belongs to is likely linked.

Interested in whether or not the story is a big part of the game considering BioWare’s tendency to focus on rich single-player narratives over co-op modular exosuit battles.

Anyway, that’s all from us over here at CSG, after nothing less than an hour and three quarters absolutely rammed with fresh games and technology updates from Xbox. Here’s looking forward to Bethesda in a few hours. Hope you all enjoyed.


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  1. fantastic piece! far quicker and more concise than watching the actual live conference. Looking forward to seeing more of this humorous, casual writing style in the future

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