Bethesda E3 Showcase

LIVE BLOG: Bethesda Conference E3 2017

It’s the turn of Bethesda to present their E3 Press conference. Join us here as we Live Blog throughout the conference, detailing all announcements and games showcased at E3 2017.

Be sure to check out our EA Play and Microsoft Live Blogs and stay tuned to Common Sense Gaming for our First impressions article which will go live after the press conference is over.

8:45pm PST We are 15 minutes out from the Press Conference, excitement is building, Will we see the rumoured Evil Within 2 or Wolfenstein The New Colossus?

9:00pm PST Here we go… Press conference is underway.

9:01pm PST Bethesda starts with a ‘Bring your child to work’ montage. Very cute, also teasing what’s to come.

9:05pm PST Pete Hines on stage, typical introduction to the press conference, followed by a ‘Year in Review’ monologue.

9:07pm PST Starting with VR land. 2 VR games are going to be shown. First is Doom VR. Looks like the DOOM experience we will be equally scared and enjoy in Virtual Reality.

9:08pm PST This is shortly followed by Fallout 4 VR, Very interesting. Fallout 4 VR sounds like it’ll be the full game. Interesting.

9:10pm PST Elder Scrolls Online up next, showing the Morrowind expansion, Youtuber reactions to ESO: Morrowind trailer and gameplay, as usual for E3 conferences as of late.

9:13pm PST Creation club announced, increased amount of Mods and other content for Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Using a credit system and is coming in summer 2017.

9:14pm PST Elder Scrolls Legends up next, Collectible card version of Elder Scrolls. Announcing new modes, in-game tournaments, Dark Brotherhood story content and Now coming to iPhone and Android next month I believe I read.

9:16pm PST Heroes of Skyrim to be added to the game on the 29/6/2017.

9:17pm PST Skyrim on Switch up next. Seems like there will be Link from Legend of Zelda’s armour in the game on Switch. Interesting.

9:18pm PST Dishonored up next.

9:20pm PST Very cool trailer. Seems like a standalone DLC. Focused on taking down the Outsider. Time for Quake…

9:21pm PST Very interesting trailer. Announced B.J Blazcowicz from Wolfenstein. Quake World Championships at Quake Con for a $1,000,000 prize pool. Beta can be found through now.

9:28pm PST New Game reveal now. Looks very much like a Evil Within 2. Very Interesting trailer. Some very strange and impressive imagery in this reveal. Of course it’s revealed to be the Evil Within 2. Looking quite impressive at the moment. Releasing Friday the 13th, which falls in October in 2017.

9:30pm PST Very weird mix of 1950’s cinema and a giant robotic dog. Wonder what this could be. Flicks between weird game shows. Is this Wolfenstein with quite a few German references?

9:33pm PST Wolfenstein it strongly seems. Lot’s of Nazi’s.

9:35pm PST This trailer just gets better and better. Fair share of humour and personality in the many characters that will seemingly be side characters in the game.

9:37pm PST Ahh Game Play. Looking as beautiful as ever. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. It’s out 27th October 2017. They pulled a Fallout 4 Drop. TWICE.

9:40pm PST Oh Boy. Short Sweet and lots of new games coming out this year. Thank you for joining us for the Bethesda E3 Conference 2017. Stay tuned to Common Sense Gaming for our first impressions on the conference.




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