Kingdom Hearts III D23 E3 2017

Kingdom Hearts III skips E3 2017, gets a new trailer

After previously ripping Square Enix for their production woes, which have resulted in roughly one minute of new gameplay footage per year of Kingdom Hearts III development, we’ve now been given a new trailer and a promise of more to come…next month.

KH3 is skipping E3 2017, instead, telling fans there will be new announcements at D23 Expo 2017, on July 15. At that time, Square Enix has promised to show an entirely new world, finally, and another trailer. This could possibly double the gameplay footage we have to date!

All teasing aside, one has to wonder why Square Enix would skip the largest show in gaming to appeal to an entirely different audience. I’m aware that Disney probably wants something big for their expo, but this is quite the snub, and not one I would expect if the news were going to be good for fans that are already gamers in the know. D23 fans will know less about games in general, compared to the E3 crowd, so there’s less baggage tied to a presentation there. Especially if the trailer ends with “Now in Development.”

It’s all speculation until the July 15, so until then, check out the new Kingdom Hearts III Orchestral Trailer:

Are you expecting good news at the D23 Expo? I know some of you are expecting a release date, but I’m not holding my breath. Sound off in the comments section below to let us know what you think fans will get.

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