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Liveblog: EA Play 2017

Follow along with us as we watch the first major press conference of E3, EA Play 2017! We’re expecting content from Battlefield, Battlefront 2, Fifa 18, and more! 

2:55 EST

We’re 5 minutes out! What are you excited for?

3:00 EST 

Nothing unexpected from the opening video. Madden, Battlefield, Battlefront, Fifa, and Need for Speed featured.

Stage opens with patriots- jersey wearing drumline, introducing Madden 18. Trailer shows off story feature, Madden Longshot.


“We’ve received a lot of feedback on [Battlefront]… some of it positive, some of it constructive.” 30 minutes of Battlefront 2 gameplay will be shown.


Shifting to Battlefield, a prepared video of streamers playing the game and talking about the community plays. Twitch chat doesn’t like it. 

Spokesman for Battlefield promises 8 new maps! Two coming this summer in “The name of the Tsar” expansion in September, with the Russian army being playable.


We hear from EA Sports with FIFA and Madden, focusing on the competitive community.

Promo video for FIFA 18 shows Ronaldo in motion capture. 

Football talk show hosts from “Men in Blazers” out to talk about the newest FIFA.

 After a few Alex Hunter jokes, we get a trailer for “The Journey.”


A Youtuber attempts to introduce Need for Speed Payback, but problems with the tele-prompter makes him have to improvise. It’s uncomfortable.

They talk up the upgraded visuals, performance, and a brand new classic car collection system. 

Finally, we get actual gameplay (23 minutes in). Gameplay shows off chaotic chases and cool in-game physics.


EA introduces EA Originals, their indie development project. They announce “A Way Out”, from the creator of “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.” A Way Out is a split-screen co-op game featuring “exploration, driving, and action.” Speaker says it’s a “co-op game like none before.”

Gameplay video reveals it takes place in a prison, where situations can be approached in different ways using the different characters skills. A Way Out comes Spring 2018.


EA announces Seed, a secretive development group that will explore futuristic concepts, like machine learning and neural nets. It promises to “blur reality and the digital world.”

Teaser of new I.P. from Bioware looks like a futuristic Attack on Titan, where humans are living behind walls. The game will be discussed more in the Microsoft Conference and is called “Anthem.”


We get a first look at NBA Live 18, with a demo coming in August. “The One” is the game’s story mode, where you can play in “The League” (Regular NBA rookie story), or “The Street” where players can play in “iconic courts” from across the country.


Finale is 30 minutes of Battlefront 2 Gameplay. There will be a full offline single player campaign. It promises an “essential Star Wars Story” that will bridge the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. 

“The developers have been listening,” says the developers. They promise they’ve been workshopping the game with fans to prevent another Battlefront 1 disaster. “It feels a lot better…the characters and weapons have been done over…there’s a lengthened skill gap.”


Here comes the gameplay.

You see, they said “multiplayer gameplay trailer,” but they showed a story trailer alongside what seemed like pre-made footage. John Boyega makes an appearance via video, and he announces Finn and Captain Phasma in free DLC.

Multiplayer will take place over all three Star Wars eras, will feature space battles, and again, free content.


Okay, now we’re getting multiplayer. 

We see a few ground perspectives before we head to the skies, where a fighter is blown out of the air in the middle of a strafing run.

Live footage shows off beautiful, massive maps, but the gameplay itself seems lacking. Looks like teams are divided up into classes, each of which gets their own abilities. A step up from Battlefront 1 but still pretty bare.

While this does look better than the first, you cant really shake the idea that this is a Battlefield clone. Even the game mode seems like normal Rush.

While they promised 30 minutes of gameplay, we only get about 15. The casters talk up the class-based gameplay, graphics, and art.


The casters send it back to EA Executive Vice President Patrick Söderlund to wrap it up. They show a promo for Star Wars: Galaxy of heroes but the sound cuts out.


So that’s it for EA Play 2017! What did you think? Our first impressions will be up soon!

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