Nintendo Enters Esports Scene with ‘Nintendo Versus’

Nintendo launched Nintendo Versus today, an official twitter account of updates for competitive play across the platform. The company has been rapidly gearing itself up for eSports as of late, with some of the Switch’s first major games being designed for competition.

The account got right to it, confirming the tournaments that will be held at E3. “Welcome to @NintendoVS! Follow us for updates regarding Nintendo competitive events, starting with our #E32017 tournaments, June 13-14.” First off is the Pokken Tournament DX Invitational, with invited players MatPat, NRG Nairo (recent winner of MomoCon Smash tournament), Stephanie Patrick, JD Witherspoon, Justin Wong, Andre Meadows, Allister Singh, and Ken Hoang.

The ARMS Open Invitational at E3 will feature a tournament for the chance to face four professional gamers, Alex “Calipower” Valle, SuperGirlKels, Kayane, and Daniel “Tafokints” Lee. Winner takes home a championship belt!
Desktop 06.09.2017 -

The Splatoon 2 Inkling Invitational will feature four teams in an elimination-style tournament. The Blue Ringed Octolings (UK), Dynameu (Japan), Rising Moon (EU), and Deadbeat (US) will square off for the Splatoon 2 trophy.

This is a big step for Nintendo, as their platform has always been perfect for the esports scene. This gives Nintendo one major edge over their competition in Microsoft and Sony, as they are the only console with the exclusive titles, and fan base, to fully embrace a competitive scene.

The Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational takes place this Tuesday June 13th, and the Pokken Tournament DX Invitational and ARMS Open Invitational will be held on Wednesday June 13th. Those two days will be a major test for Nintendo Versus, as viewership and interest will determine if Nintendo can be a serious contender in esports.

Follow Nintendo Versus on twitter here, and make sure to check in with us frequently, as we will be covering major stories coming out of Nintendo eSports.

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