Overwatch Player Dafran banned

Selfless Overwatch Player Dafran Banned From Competitive Play

Top N.A. Overwatch player Dafran has just been banned from competitive and professional play for the remainder of the season. Blizzard and Overwatch contenders have found the Selfless star DPS player guilty of violating Rule 7.0 of the Contenders rule set, which states “all competitors and spectators are required to act in a respectful sportsmanlike manner at all times.”

Dafran has been a hot topic on the Competitive Overwatch reddit, as it was found he was streaming himself throw Grandmaster-level games on a smurf account. It hasn’t taken long for Blizzard to take swift and decisive action, as he is banned from accessing his accounts for a week, as well as Competitive Play for the rest of the season. He is also banned from competing in Overwatch Contenders Season Zero and One, which is a major step on the path to the Overwatch League. Further, Dafran is disqualified from all Blizzard-sanctioned tournaments for the remainder of the season.

Selfless Dafran Banned

Selfless has also suspended Dafran from their active roster in a statement released right after the ruling. They wrote: “Upon further VOD review of Dafran’s behavior, especially this past night, we have found his actions to be completely unacceptable, and in clear violation of Blizzard’s rules around player conduct, in addition to our own expectations of player/teammate conduct.”

The statement also stated that the organization would be assisting Dafran in finding help through counseling for his “mental and emotional well-being.”

It is no secret that Dafran is a problematic player, just last month in the Curse Monthly Melee he wasted his Ultimate in Spawn and didn’t attack the point with his team because they were getting swept by Yikes.

Even professional players have spoken up about Dafran’s recent behavior. Anthony “Harbleu” Ballo wrote a few days ago on his twitter: “dafran is an insane player and can be a cool guy, but seeing him troll and throw games as Lucio really rubs me the wrong way.”

Dafran responded to criticism on his twitter this morning, before the ban was put in place: “I honestly do not give a s**t what happends to me and my f*****g career, you can all go f**k yourselves…BUT…I am starting to realise my actions may be affecting my org, teammates and their careers…Time to reform into Seagull V2 and be a cute little nice guy FeelsBadMan…Troll community, disband…. :(“

After the ban, he tweeted: “I reap what I sow and I deserve this.”

With the first noticeable ban of its kind, Blizzard has sent a message to all who break their rules and terms of service. You can read Overwatch Contender’s Statement here and Selfless’ Statement here.

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