Pokemon Direct 6-6-2017

Pokemon Direct Announced for Tomorrow

In a surprising twist of events, Nintendo has revealed that they’re showing a Pokemon Direct right before E3.  Tomorrow, June 6th at 10 AM EST Nintendo will show a presentation lasting around eight minutes and featuring what they described as “Pokemon News.” That doesn’t really hint at what the contents of the direct will feature, but given the length it’s doubtful that it will contain more then one, possibly two major reveals.

Rumors of Pokemon Stars, the alleged Switch/3DS “Yellow version” to the 3DS’s Pokemon Sun and Moon, have been swirling for months now, only helped along by the various hints Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have been dropping. Like the Look Upon the Stars line of Pokemon Sun and Moon merchandise.

It won’t be a long event, but it’s definitely surprising to see Nintendo reveal some information early instead of saving it all for E3.  Then again, Nintendo rarely plays by the rules. Perhaps they want to put this out there because their E3 Spotlight is supposed to focus on Nintendo Switch, and exclusive titles offer a greater wow-factor than 3DS ports.

No matter what happens we’ll be sure to keep you updated on anything that happens.

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