Megaman Legacy Collection 2

Capcom announces Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Capcom revealed today that owners of a PS4, Xbox One, or PC would be able to enjoy 4 of Mega Man’s adventures in the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. The collection is a follow up to the first Mega Man Legacy Collection, which included many of the Blue Bomber’s early games. This installment, however, focuses on later entries into the Mega Man series.

In a press release and blog post, Capcom stated that this collection showcases the “evolution and retro revolution of the series.” The games that will be included are Mega Man 7 (1995), 8 (1998), 9 (2008), and 10 (2010). Each of these games brought something different to the series, Mega Man 7 featured the first shift from 8-bit to 16-bit, as well as an in-game store. Mega Man 8 jumped into 32-bit gameplay, complete with the series’ first ever use of voice acting and animated cut-scenes. Mega Man 9 and 10 returned the series to its roots with 8-bit style, with the Mega Man Killers DLC for 10 being included in the collection.

The collection features added gameplay tweaks, including a new-player friendly “Extra Armor” option to reduce damage and add checkpoints, as well as stage remixes and a Challenge Mode for more experienced players looking to test their skill. It also comes with a full museum section, which contains an archive of concept art, sketches, development materials, and a music player to jam out to all your favorite tracks over the four games.
MMLC2 - Museum

The collection will be playable at the Capcom Booth at E3 along with Marvel VS. Capcom: Infinite, Ultra Street Fighters II: The Final Challengers, and new content for Street Fighter V.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 8th, 2017 in North America for $19.99! Watch the trailer here.

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