Wrapping Up Day One of Overwatch Contenders Open Qualifiers

Day One of Overwatch Contenders is wrapping up, and it was certainly interesting. Followers of Brandon “Seagull” Larned’s stream were treated to 4 consecutive matches of a pro pug team completely obliterating teams of platinums and diamonds.

NRG went undefeated on its way to the round of 32, but was team-wiped in their first match against a team named “Genji’s Socks Fan Club.” DPS player IDDQD was killed by a gold player’s Junkrat trap-and-mine combo on their way to being 2-0’d and knocked out by FNRGFE, a team made up of former members of Fnatic, Gale Force Esports, and, you guessed it, NRG (clockwork and enigma being the two).

We saw FaZe Clan congratulate DPS player ShadowBurn for getting a double kill (and killing himself).

The day was not without controversy: Team You Guys Get Paid? advanced to the final 8 over Tempo Storm in a 0-0 win, as Tempo Storm tank player Beasthalo’s internet went down mid-match, and reconnected 1 minute after the 20 minute deadline. Flex player TwoEasy responded to this in a tweet: “we got f****d. You Guys Get Paid get forfeit win after Beasthalo Internet crash and came 1 minute too late (20min deadline). Cu tomorrow.”

UPDATE (1:45 A.M.): The round of 8 seeding matches have concluded, and the results are:
Yikes! 0-2 Kungarna
Luminosity Gaming 2-1 5-Hour Energy Renegades
Selfless Gaming 1-2 FNRGFE
FaZe Clan 2-1 You Guys Get Paid?

Kungarna 0-2 Luminosity Gaming
FNRGFE 1-2 FaZe Clan
Luminosity Gaming 0-2 FaZe Clan

With FaZe Clan taking a decisive first day victory, they move on to the group stage with the other 7 teams, seeded as:

1. FaZe Clan
2. Luminosity Gaming
5-8. 5-Hour Energy Renegades
5-8. Yikes!
5-8.You Guys Get Paid?
5-8. Selfless
9. Cloud 9 (invited)

A huge story-line of the night was the continued success of FNRGFE, who shocked Selfless with impressive performances on Watchpoint: Gibraltar and Temple of Anubis.

The remaining 8 teams from the round of 16 get preferential seeding in tomorrow’s matches, but every team gets another shot at the remaining 7 spots in the group stage. Teams ranked 8-16 (in no particular order) are:

Midnight Sucks (Formerly Rise Esports)
Kelvin and the Chipmunks
Team Liquid
Tempo Storm
Evil Geniuses

Overwatch Contenders Day 2 Open Qualifiers start tomorrow at 9 A.M. PST.

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