Ben Brode teases Tournament Mode ideas for Hearthstone

In a recent reddit post, Ben Brode, the current game director of Blizzard’s Hearthstone, dropped in to elaborate on a couple of questions about the nature and future of the online collectable card game. The first question related to the ‘grindy’ nature of the ranked ladder, to which he flat out said there will be changes.

Brode was then asked when Hearthstone would finally get a tournament mode, one of the most requested features at the moment. After going into detail about the idea of a tournament mode, and his thoughts on best practices for including one into the game, he ultimately said that the team had been “exploring some crazier ideas. :)” And yes, the smiley face is a direct quote as well. Brode also mentioned he and his team had been reading players’ ideas on reddit and elsewhere, on what would ultimately be the most enjoyable way to implement said tournament mode.

As a guy who loves Hearthstone, but just can’t find the time in his schedule to hit up  a Fireside Gathering, I’d appreciate an online tournament mode. Preferably something akin to a Swiss system, as is used in Magic the Gathering tournaments. That’s just my opinion though, what might yours be? Feel free to let us know in the comments, and remember: Ben Brode and his team may be reading them too, so make your idea a crazy one!

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