Far Cry 5 Hope County Montana Cult

Far Cry 5: Yet more video game controversy

In the wake of last week’s Far Cry 5 announcement trailer, a wave of controversy has hit the internet. Set in the fictional Hope County, Montana, Far Cry 5 will follow an unnamed sheriff’s deputy, controlled by the player, as he combats a militaristic doomsday cult named Eden’s Gate.

Two days after the announcement, a Change.org petition went up attempting to get the game cancelled or seriously altered for fear it would paint white Christian congregations in a seriously negative light, citing “anti-Americanism” as one of the central reasons. Given the placement of iron crosses bearing certain similarities to symbols of WWII Axis powers, sources such as the IB Times have claimed the cult seems to possess traits of Neo-Nazism.

Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments section if you think this is an attack on American Christianity, or just Ubisoft using cults to provide a new setting for the Far Cry series:

Far Cry 5 has a planned release date of February 27th, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox 1.

2 thoughts on “Far Cry 5: Yet more video game controversy”

  1. A little snowflakery, if you ask me. Been killing nazis, japanese, aliens and nobody complained! You ask gamers to kill one murderous American asshole and everyone loses their shit!

    Art imitates reality. Waco is obviously the real world mirror to Eden’s Gate. When you take your patriotism to the extreme, shedding the burden of constitutionality, are you the monster you fight against or the Savior you fight for? Knowing Far Cry, you’ll likely be given such a choice.

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