Lost Sphear Tokyo RPG Factory

Lost Sphear is Tokyo RPG Factory’s second game

Tokyo RPG Factory is essentially an indie development studio set up by Square Enix in an effort to bring traditional JRPGs to the modern era. Their first game was the beautiful I Am Setsuna, which released on PS4, PC, PS Vita (Japan only), and more recently as a Nintendo Switch launch title. Today, the studio announced their second game: Lost Sphear.

While Lost Sphear could be set in the same world as I Am Setsuna, no direct ties have been revealed at this point, even if there are striking similarities in the presentation, and some of the enemies are pulled directly from I Am Setsuna. If Tokyo RPG Factory is trying to build a series of games with a shared mythos, but with each taking place in their own world, like the classic Final Fantasy games, these things could simply be recurring motifs, not an indication of a shared world or chronology.

What we do know is that chunks of the world are disappearing completely, leaving nothing behind but patches of empty, white void. It also seems that when things dissolve, the memories tied to those things can also disappear. Players assume control of the character Kanata as they try to restore the fading world, before nothing remains.

It may have a sappy trailer filled with over-dramatic captions, but Lost Sphear’s concept is one that’s interesting and would fit perfectly in a classic JRPG. That theme music also feels as if it were ripped from a 90’s JRPG; I Am Setsuna had beautiful music as well, but it’s nice to hear some instruments besides a piano.

Lost Sphear is slated for release in early 2018 for PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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