Scalebound 343 Industries

Could 343 Industries be working on Scalebound? (Updated)

Microsoft disappointed fans around the world when they cancelled the developmentally challenged Scalebound. Originally planned to be a Wii game about dinosaurs, before being reworked into an ARPG focused on dragons,  Platinum Games sold the idea to Microsoft and had spent the last few years struggling with development. Sadly, all players got to see after such a long wait was a trailer and some rough gameplay footage.

Microsoft seems to have renewed the trademark on Scalebound, and there are already unverified sources claiming that development on the title has resumed anew, handled by a studio close to Microsoft. Relations between Microsoft and Platinum Games seemed to be strained in the lead up to the first cancellation, so it’s doubtful PG is working on the project again.

That said, 343 Industries’ Brian Jarrard recently took to reddit and told fans the studio was working on “something” that wasn’t the next big Halo game. The time lines certainly match up, so has 343 Industries been tasked with rebooting and salvaging the Scalebound IP? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


Edit: The post doesn’t say 343’s E3 something isn’t Halo related, just that it’s not Halo 6 related.


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