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GameStop (possibly) revealed the release date of Sonic Mania

There are two Sonic games scheduled to release this year: Sonic Forces, a 3D current generation game that looks to follow in Sonic Generations’ footsteps, and Sonic Mania, the classic 2D Sonic game of our dreams that’s being made by fans turned indie devs. The former is scheduled for release this holiday season, while the latter had been delayed to an unspecified date.

Sonic Mania was originally supposed to release this spring, but game development is a fickle business, and so it was delayed. Fans have been anxiously awaiting a new release date, and it seems GameStop has spilled the beans: The Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition is now available for pre-order on, with the release date set as September 22, 2017, as opposed to Amazon’s placeholder date of August 31. (It is important to note that Sega has not confirmed this release date as of this posting.)

That’s a long wait, but one we hope is ultimately worth it. Sonic has never been the same since making the jump to 3D, even when Sega attempted a return to his roots with the disastrous Sonic 4. With long time fans finally at the helm, and bringing back the sprite based Sonic we all know and love, we’d rather they take all the time they need than deliver a new Sonic 4.

In case this date is removed, here’s a screenshot of the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition, for all platforms, with the release date set as September 22:

Sonic Mania Collector's Edition Release Date


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